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Star Wars API ETL - YouGov

Project description

Star Wars API ETL

Using the Star Wars API:

  1. Find the ten characters who appear in the most Star Wars films
  2. Sort those ten characters by height in descending order (i.e., tallest first)
  3. Produce a CSV with the following columns: name, species, height, appearances
  4. Send the CSV to
  5. Create automated tests that validate your code

Execute the exercise

After installing the app (instructions bellow), you can execute the full code and see the result with: "swapietl execute_exercise" command.

If you want to see the full logs, execute it with -v : "swapietl execute_exercise -v"

To execute the tests (unit tests) you will need:

  • python 3.x
  • pip: pip3 if your machine has pip for Python2.7 already installed.
  • tox: Can be installed through pip3

Tox has the next jobs defined:

  • flake8: Execute a flake8 code-check
  • py{version}: Where version is the python version, for example py37.

NOTE: This solution does not provide integration tests for now.

How to install the app

The application is packaged using python setuptools. All the requirements are directly defined inside the file except those needed for executing the tests (note that the test files are not packaged within the application, so it doesn't make sense having the test_require definition on the setup file).

Install the application following one of these methods:

Non development mode

  • Using pip without cloning the repository: pip install ./

  • Using oficial remote pip server: pip install swapietl

  • With python setuptools from source files: python install

Development mode

  • With pip using editable mode: pip install ./ -e

  • With python setuptools using development mode: python develop

How to run the app

Once you've installed the application, you can start executing commands from bash. The application has one console_script created: swapietl if you want to enable debug logs execute it with -v flag (swapietl -v)

The application can be executed in two different modes explained bellow.

Run the application in command line mode

Using the "swapietl $command $arg1 $arg2" where $command is the function you want to execute and $arg1 and $arg2 the arguments.

So, for example, if you want to get the top ten characters that appeared in films, you can execute: swapietl get_top_characters top=10

And, if you want to get them sorted and export the results to a csv you can: swapietl get_top_characters top=10 and sort_by height and export_to_csv

NOTE: You can execute multiple commands by using the "and" special word.

Run the application in REPL mode

The swapietl with no commands will bring you a REPL mode (interactive) where you can execute one by one the possible commands with different parameters. It also brings you extra functionality as for example: autocomplete, suggestions (in case of misspelled command).

List of available commands

Here's the list of possible commands you can execute with swapietl (also listed with swapietl help):

  • get_top_characters: Retrieve the results from the exercise and save them into the app context.
  • sort_by attribute='height' reverse=True: Sort previous results by a given attribute.
  • export_to_csv filename="~/results.csv": Export the results from the app context into a file. By default the filename is "~/results.csv".
  • upload_file_to filename="~/results.csv" url="": Upload the file using requests library
  • execute_exercise: Execute the full exercise.

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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swapietl-0.0.1.tar.gz (6.1 kB view hashes)

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