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A third-party rules module for Synapse to automatically freeze a room when the last admin leaves it and allow other members to unfreeze them and become the new admin.

Project description

Freeze room

This module uses third-party rules callbacks from Synapse's module interface to identify when the last admin of a room leaves it, and when they do it "freezes" the room.

Freezing the room means adding a custom to the state of the room. If the content of this event says the room is frozen ({"frozen": true}), then the module will prevent any event to be sent in the room. The only exceptions are letting users leave the room, and letting a user unfreeze it and taking over the room's administration.

Unfreezing the room means sending an state event into the room with the content {"frozen": false}. The user unfreezing the room will then automatically become the only administrator in the room.

As with other modules using third-party rules callbacks, it is recommended that this module is only used in a closed federation in which every server has this module configured the same way.

This module requires Synapse v1.39.0 or later.


This plugin can be installed via PyPI:

pip install synapse-freeze-room


Add the following to your Synapse config:

  - module: freeze_room.FreezeRoom
      # Optional: a list of servers that are forbidden from unfreezing rooms.
      # Optional: if set to true, when the last admin in a room leaves it, the module will
      # try to promote any moderator (or user with the highest power level) as admin. In
      # this mode, it will only freeze the room if it can't find any user to promote.
      # Defaults to false.
      promote_moderators: false

Development and Testing

This repository uses tox to run tests.


This repository uses unittest to run the tests located in the tests directory. They can be ran with tox -e tests.

Making a release

git tag vX.Y
python3 sdist
twine upload dist/synapse-freeze-room-X.Y.tar.gz
git push origin vX.Y

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