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Simple and safe python wrapper for calling system rsync

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Simple and safe native rsync wrapper for Python 3

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  • rsync
  • python 3.6+


  • poetry (be sure to have both poetry and pip upgraded to the latest version)


pip install sysrsync

Basic rules

  • Syncs source contents by default, so it adds a trailing slash to the end of source, unless sync_source_contents=False is specified
  • Removes trailing slash from destination
  • Extra arguments are put right after rsync
  • Breaks if source_ssh and destination_ssh are both set


  • Basic file sync
import sysrsync'/home/user/foo.txt',
# runs 'rsync /home/users/foo.txt /home/server/files'
  • sync whole folder
import sysrsync'/home/user/files',
# runs 'rsync /home/user/files /home/server'
  • sync folder contents
import sysrsync'/home/user/files',
# runs 'rsync /home/user/files/ /home/server'
  • ssh with options
import sysrsync'/home/user/files',
# runs 'rsync -a /home/users/files/ myserver:/home/server/files'
  • exclusions
import sysrsync'/home/user/files',
             exclusions=['file_to_exclude', 'unwanted_file'])
# runs 'rsync -a /home/user/files/ myserver:/home/server/files --exclude file_to_exclude --exclude unwanted_file'
  • Private key
import sysrsync'/home/user/files',
# runs 'rsync --rsh='ssh -i totally_secure_key' /home/user/files/ myserver:/home/server/files'


argument type default description
cwd str os.getcwd() working directory in which subprocess will run the rsync command
strict bool True raises RsyncError when rsync return code is different than 0
verbose bool False verbose mode: currently prints rsync command before executing
**kwargs dict Not Applicable arguments that will be forwarded to call to sysrsync.get_rsync_command

returns: subprocess.CompletedProcess


  • RsyncError when strict = True and rsync return code is different than 0 (Success)


argument type default description
source str - Source folder or file
destination str - Destination folder
source_ssh Optional[str] None Remote ssh client where source is located
destination_ssh Optional[str] None Remote ssh client where destination is located
exclusions Optional[Iterable[str]] None List of excluded patterns as in rsync's --exclude
sync_source_contents bool True Abstracts the elusive trailing slash behaviour that source normally has when using rsync directly, i.e. when a trailing slash is present in source, the folder's content is synchronized with destination. When no trailing slash is present, the folder itself is synchronized with destination.
options Optional[Iterable[str]] None List of options to be used right after rsync call, e.g. ['-a', '-v'] translates to rsync -a -v
private_key Optional[str] None Configures an explicit key to be used with rsync --rsh command
rsh_port  Optional[int] None Specify port to be used for --rsh command
strict_host_key_checking Optional[bool] None set StrictHostKeyChecking property for rsh #cf.

returns: List[str] -> the compiled list of commands to be used directly in


  • RemotesError when both source_ssh and destination_ssh are set. Normally linux rsync distribution disallows source and destination to be both remotes.
  • PrivateKeyError when private_key doesn't exist


  • Fork project
  • Install dependencies with poetry install
  • Make changes
  • Lint with poetry run pylint ./sysrsync
  • Test with poetry run python -m unittest
  • Run end-to-end tests with bash end-to-end-tests/
  • Submit changes with a pull request

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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