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Python client library for Tarantool

Project description

This package is a pure-python client library for Tarantool.

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Download and install

With dnf

You can install python3-tarantool RPM package if you use Fedora (34, 35, 36).

Add the repository

$ curl -L | bash

and then install the package

$ dnf install -y python3-tarantool

With apt

You can install python3-tarantool deb package if you use Debian (10, 11) or Ubuntu (20.04, 22.04).

Add the repository

$ curl -L | bash

and then install the package

$ apt install -y python3-tarantool

ZIP archive

You can also download zip archive, unpack it and run:

$ make install

Development version

You can also install the development version of the package using pip.

$ pip3 install git+

What is Tarantool?

Tarantool is an in-memory computing platform originally designed by VK and released under the terms of BSD license.


  • ANSI SQL, including views, joins, referential and check constraints

  • Lua packages for non-blocking I/O, fibers, and HTTP

  • MessagePack data format and MessagePack-based client-server protocol

  • Two data engines:

    • memtx – in-memory storage engine with optional persistence

    • vinyl – on-disk storage engine to use with larger data sets

  • Secondary key and index iterator support (can be non-unique and composite)

  • Multiple index types: HASH, BITSET, TREE, RTREE

  • Asynchronous master-master replication

  • Authentication and access control

See More


This driver is synchronous, so connection mustn’t be shared between threads/processes.

If you’re looking for an asynchronous Python driver based on asyncio, consider using asynctnt . See also the feature comparison table.

Run tests

On Linux:

$ make test

On Windows:

  • Setup a Linux machine with Tarantool installed. This machine will be referred to as remote in this instruction.

  • (On remote) Copy test/suites/lib/tarantool_python_ci.lua to /etc/tarantool/instances.available.

  • (On remote) Run tarantoolctl start tarantool_python_ci.

  • Set the following environment variables: * REMOTE_TARANTOOL_HOST=..., * REMOTE_TARANTOOL_CONSOLE_PORT=3302.

  • Run make test.

Build docs

To build documentation, first you must install its build requirements:

$ pip3 install -r docs/requirements.txt

Then run

$ make docs

You may host local documentation server with

$ python3 -m http.server --directory build/sphinx/html

Open localhost:8000 in your browser to read the docs.


BSD-2-Clause. See the LICENSE file.

Project details

Download files

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tarantool-1.2.0.tar.gz (288.9 kB view hashes)

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tarantool-1.2.0-py3-none-any.whl (92.1 kB view hashes)

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