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Python API for Kiwi

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This package allows to connect and access Kiwi TCMS API. For more information see


pip install tcms-api

If you want to use Kerberos then:

pip install tcms-api[gssapi]

WARNING: on Windows you need to install MIT Kerberos and make sure C:\Program Files\MIT\Kerberos\bin is included in %PATH% - this is usually the case when you install and restart! It must be a 64bit installation, see MIT Kerberos for Windows 4.1

WARNING: on Linux you will need gcc, Python and kerberos devel packages to build gssapi because it doesn’t provide binary packages. Try dnf install gcc krb5-devel python3-devel (Red Hat/Fedora) or apt-get install gcc libkrb5-dev libpython3-dev (Debian/Ubuntu).


v12.2 (04 Apr 2023)

  • New arguments for plugin_helpers.Backend.update_test_execution() method. Now accepts the start_date and stop_date arguments at the end of its signature

  • Start testing the client library with Python 3.9

v11.4 (15 Jul 2022)

  • Fallback to C:tcms.conf in case we’re on Windows

  • [] pre-commit autoupdate

v11.3 (17 May 2022)

  • Make it possible for plugins to print info about created/reused TP/TR

  • Specify start_date when creating a TestRun

v11.2 (15 May 2022)

  • Make plugin prefix configurable via TCMS_PREFIX environment variable. Fixes Issue #6

  • Use TCMS_PARENT_PLAN environment variable if specified. Will configure a parent TestPlan. Fixes Issue #4

  • Introduce and plugin_helpers.Backend.version attributes

  • Convert plugin_helpers.Backend.default_tester_id into a cached property

  • Use the account sending the API request if default_tester_id is None. That avoide the use of User.filter API method for which most users may not be authorized

  • Sanity check and sanitize URL config. Refs Issue #45

v11.1 (13 May 2022)

  • Allow the environment variable TCMS_DEFAULT_TESTER_ID to override internal queries, pointing directly to the user who will create new test plans, test runs and update test executions.

  • Internal updates around CI

v11.0 (05 Dec 2021)

WARNING: contains backwards incompatible changes!

  • Method plugin_helpers.Backend.add_test_case_to_run() now returns a list

  • Adjust internal API calls for upcoming Kiwi TCMS v11.0

  • Still compatible with Kiwi TCMS v10.x API

  • Start using f-strings. Available since Python 3.6 which is the minimum required version for tcms-api anyway

v10.0 (02 March 2021)

WARNING: contains backwards incompatible changes!

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v10.0 or later

v9.0 (12 January 2021)

WARNING: contains backwards incompatible changes!

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v9.0 or later

  • Method Backend.build_id() doesn’t receive product_id as firsts parameter anymore! Related to Kiwi TCMS Issue #246

v8.6.0 (28 October 2020)

  • Use a sub-package to install gssapi, see installation instructions

v8.5.0 (04 August 2020)

  • Fix super() call in CookieTransport class to make this package compatible with Python 3.8 (Václav Klikar)

v8.4.0 (25 June 2020)

  • Add instructions how to install gssapi because they don’t ship binary packages on Linux

  • Provide plugin_helpers.Backend.get_statuses_by_weight() and fall-back to it if TestExecutionStatus can’t be found by name. This is to be used by Kiwi TCMS plugins (Bryan Mutai)

v8.3.0 (10 April 2020)

  • Use gssapi library for kerberos communications on both Linux and Windows

  • Requires MIT Kerberos for Windows, see installation instructions

v8.2.0 (02 April 2020)

This version adds additional methods and functionality that can be used by Kiwi TCMS plugins written in Python.

  • Modify plugin_helpers.Backend.test_case_get_or_create() to return tuple (dict, bool). WARNING: this will break existing plugins

  • plugin_helpers.Backend will use TCMS_PLAN_ID environment variable if specified. This allows the user to select an existing TestPlan to save new results into. Fixes Issue #5

  • Add plugin_helpers.Backend.finish_test_run() which may be called by plugins to indicate that a TestRun has been finished

  • Add plugin_helpers.Backend.default_tester_id() and update TestExecution.tested_by when changing status

  • Use default_tester_id() when creating a new TestRun

  • When creating new test run always set TR.manager := and make sure that TestPlan.create() will also specify author

v8.1.1 (23 March 2020)

  • Use winkerberos dependency on Microsoft Windows platform (@mtg-edmund-tse)

  • Setting rename in config file: use_mod_kerb -> use_kerberos

  • Bug-fix: don’t fall back to user/pass if kerberos is configured

  • Bug-fix: send correctly formatted authorization request header, per RFC-4459

  • Bug-fix: properly authenticate with Kiwi TCMS via kerberos ticket if requested to do so

  • Start sending User-Agent: tcms-api/<version> for all requests

  • Enable integration testing with and without Kerberos

  • Enable testing on Windows

v8.0.1 (10 February 2020)

This version is compatible only with Kiwi TCMS v8.0 or later!

  • Do not use deprecated field product in TestCase.create API method

  • Set TestCase.is_automated to True

v8.0 (09 February 2020)

This version is compatible only with Kiwi TCMS v8.0 or later!

  • Adjusts plugin_helpers module to reflect backwards incompatible API changes introduced in Kiwi TCMS v8.0

v6.7.1 (07 February 2020)

  • Fix a bug in how use_mod_kerb setting was evaluated which lead to always preferring Kerberos which in turn was causing issues on Windows.

v6.7 (10 April 2019)

This version is compatible only with Kiwi TCMS v6.7 or later! For older server versions use tcms-api==5.3!

This version contains breaking changes in plugin_helpers!

  • Switch from TestCaseRun to TestExecution API. Fixes Issue #7

  • Rename plugin_helpers.Backend.update_test_case_run() to plugin_helpers.Backend.update_test_execution()

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