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command line for tcp ping

Project description

一个类似于 ping 的系统工具, 检测在连接 tcp 时候的延迟, 比较正确是反应出网络的延迟情况,毕竟 tcp 用途比较广。

虽然和 icmp 的 ping 原理不同,ping 命令也能很大程度上反映出网络的延迟, 但是该矫情还是要矫情一把的。


pip install tcping
➜  ~ tcping
Connected to[:80]: seq=1 time=236.44 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=2 time=237.99 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=3 time=248.88 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=4 time=233.51 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=5 time=249.23 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=6 time=249.77 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=7 time=235.82 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=8 time=242.30 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=9 time=248.26 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=10 time=251.77 ms

---[:80] tcping statistics ---
10 connections, 10 successed, 0 failed, 100.00% success rate
minimum = 233.51ms, maximum = 251.77ms, average = 243.40ms


➜  ~ tcping --help
Usage: tcping [OPTIONS] HOST

  -p, --port INTEGER      Tcp port
  -c, --count INTEGER     Try connections counts
  -t, --timeout FLOAT     Timeout seconds
  --report / --no-report  Show report to replace statistics

其中这个 --report 可以生成一个 ascii 的 table,好看一点吧。。。

➜  ~ tcping -c 3 --report
Connected to[:80]: seq=1 time=237.79 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=2 time=237.72 ms
Connected to[:80]: seq=3 time=258.53 ms

|      Host      | Port | Successed | Failed | Success Rate | Minimum  | Maximum  | Average  |
| |  80  |     3     |   0    |   100.00%    | 237.72ms | 258.53ms | 244.68ms |


其实写这个主要是为了测试搭建翻墙 VPS 的 tcp 延迟。。。

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