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Generate programming code from template files

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Templaty is a code generator written in Python that focuses on generating correct and readable programming code. It features fine-grained control over whitespacing and indentation and a rich meta-language that allows full control over the end result.

🌈 There now is a syntax plugin for Vim!

The template syntax was inspired by Jinja2 and should be very easy to pick up.

def annoying_prompt():
    {% for i in range(0, 5) %}
      prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")
    {% endfor %}

Generates the following code:

def annoying_prompt():
    prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")
    prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")
    prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")
    prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")
    prompt("Hey, how you're doing?")

What about generating an identity matrix in C that imposes no runtime cost?

static const int IDENTITY_MATRIX[][] = [
  {% join i in range(0, 10) with ',' %}
    [{% join j in range(0, 10) with ',' %}{% if j == i %}1{% else %}0{% endjoin %}]
  {% endjoin %}

It should look something like this:

static const int IDENTITY_MATRIX[][] = [

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Templaty can do!


Templaty is available on PyPi. You can issue the following command to install it:

pip3 install -U --user templaty

This should make the main command templaty available in your terminal.


Will this library support Python 2?

No. Python 2 has reached its end-of-life and the organisation recommends everyone to upgrade to Python 3. Porting to Python 2 requires extra work for no good reason.

Is it safe to use this library in my web server?

No, absolutely not! Templaty is a tool meant to be run by developers, not end-users. As such, it has little (if any) security checks. You should never run untrusted input using Templaty, only code you wrote yourself or from a developer you trust.

What extension should I use for my template files?

It is recommended to use the .tply extension so that syntax plugins like vim-templaty automatically set up the right syntax highlighting for you.

If your template contains code in another programming language, simply prefix the default file extension to .tply, e.g.


Templaty is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, in the hope it will help developers write better programs.

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