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Unofficial Python SDK for the Temporal Workflow Engine

Project description

Unofficial Python SDK for the Temporal Workflow Engine


This should be considered EXPERIMENTAL at the moment. At the moment, all I can say is that the test cases currently pass. I have not tested this for any real world use cases yet.


pip install temporal-python-sdk

Sample Code

Sample code for using this library can be found in Workflows in Python Using Temporal.

Hello World

import asyncio
import logging
from datetime import timedelta

from temporal.activity_method import activity_method
from temporal.workerfactory import WorkerFactory
from temporal.workflow import workflow_method, Workflow, WorkflowClient


TASK_QUEUE = "HelloActivity-python-tq"
NAMESPACE = "default"

# Activities Interface
class GreetingActivities:
    @activity_method(task_queue=TASK_QUEUE, schedule_to_close_timeout=timedelta(seconds=1000))
    async def compose_greeting(self, greeting: str, name: str) -> str:
        raise NotImplementedError

# Activities Implementation
class GreetingActivitiesImpl:
    async def compose_greeting(self, greeting: str, name: str):
        return greeting + " " + name + "!"

# Workflow Interface
class GreetingWorkflow:
    async def get_greeting(self, name: str) -> str:
        raise NotImplementedError

# Workflow Implementation
class GreetingWorkflowImpl(GreetingWorkflow):

    def __init__(self):
        self.greeting_activities: GreetingActivities = Workflow.new_activity_stub(GreetingActivities)

    async def get_greeting(self, name):
        return await self.greeting_activities.compose_greeting("Hello", name)

async def client_main():
    client = WorkflowClient.new_client(namespace=NAMESPACE)

    factory = WorkerFactory(client, NAMESPACE)
    worker = factory.new_worker(TASK_QUEUE)
    worker.register_activities_implementation(GreetingActivitiesImpl(), "GreetingActivities")

    greeting_workflow: GreetingWorkflow = client.new_workflow_stub(GreetingWorkflow)
    result = await greeting_workflow.get_greeting("Python")
    print("Stopping workers.....")
    await worker.stop()
    print("Workers stopped......")

if __name__ == '__main__':



  • Workflow argument passing and return values
  • Activity invocation
  • Activity heartbeat and Activity.getHeartbeatDetails()
  • doNotCompleteOnReturn
  • ActivityCompletionClient
    • complete
    • complete_exceptionally
  • Activity get_namespace(), get_task_token() get_workflow_execution()
  • Activity Retry
  • Activity Failure Exceptions
  • workflow_execution_timeout / workflow_run_timeout / workflow_task_timeout
  • Workflow exceptions
  • Cron workflows
  • Workflow static methods:
    • await_till()
    • sleep()
    • current_time_millis()
    • now()
    • random_uuid()
    • new_random()
    • get_workflow_id()
    • get_run_id()
    • get_version()
    • get_logger()
  • Activity invocation parameters
  • Query method
  • Signal methods
  • Workflow start parameters - workflow_id etc...
  • Workflow client - starting workflows synchronously
  • Workflow client - starting workflows asynchronously (WorkflowClient.start)
  • Get workflow result after async execution (client.wait_for_close)
  • Workflow client - invoking signals
  • Workflow client - invoking queries


  • ActivityStub and Workflow.newUntypedActivityStub
  • Remove threading, use coroutines for everything all concurrency
  • Classes as arguments and return values to/from activity and workflow methods (DataConverter)
    • Type hints for DataConverter
  • Parallel activity execution (STATUS: there's a working but not finalized API).


  • Timers
  • Custom workflow ids through start() and new_workflow_stub()
  • WorkflowStub and WorkflowClient.newUntypedWorkflowStub
  • ContinueAsNew status-wip
  • Sticky workflows status-wip
  • Child Workflows status-wip


  • Support for keyword arguments


  • Compatibility with Java client
  • Compatibility with Golang client
  • Upgrade python-betterproto

Post 2.0:

  • sideEffect/mutableSideEffect
  • Local activity
  • Cancellation Scopes
  • Explicit activity ids for activity invocations

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