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Tensorflow Recommenders, a TensorFlow library for recommender systems.

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TensorFlow Recommenders

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TensorFlow Recommenders is a library for building recommender system models using TensorFlow.

It helps with the full workflow of building a recommender system: data preparation, model formulation, training, evaluation, and deployment.

It's built on Keras and aims to have a gentle learning curve while still giving you the flexibility to build complex models.


Make sure you have TensorFlow 2.x installed, and install from pip:

pip install tensorflow-recommenders


Have a look at our tutorials and API reference.

Quick start

Building a factorization model for the Movielens 100K dataset is very simple (Colab):

from typing import Dict, Text

import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_datasets as tfds
import tensorflow_recommenders as tfrs

# Ratings data.
ratings = tfds.load('movielens/100k-ratings', split="train")
# Features of all the available movies.
movies = tfds.load('movielens/100k-movies', split="train")

# Select the basic features.
ratings = x: {
    "movie_id": tf.strings.to_number(x["movie_id"]),
    "user_id": tf.strings.to_number(x["user_id"])
movies = x: tf.strings.to_number(x["movie_id"]))

# Build a model.
class Model(tfrs.Model):

  def __init__(self):

    # Set up user representation.
    self.user_model = tf.keras.layers.Embedding(
        input_dim=2000, output_dim=64)
    # Set up movie representation.
    self.item_model = tf.keras.layers.Embedding(
        input_dim=2000, output_dim=64)
    # Set up a retrieval task and evaluation metrics over the
    # entire dataset of candidates.
    self.task = tfrs.tasks.Retrieval(

  def compute_loss(self, features: Dict[Text, tf.Tensor], training=False) -> tf.Tensor:

    user_embeddings = self.user_model(features["user_id"])
    movie_embeddings = self.item_model(features["movie_id"])

    return self.task(user_embeddings, movie_embeddings)

model = Model()

# Randomly shuffle data and split between train and test.
shuffled = ratings.shuffle(100_000, seed=42, reshuffle_each_iteration=False)

train = shuffled.take(80_000)
test = shuffled.skip(80_000).take(20_000)

# Train., epochs=5)

# Evaluate.
model.evaluate(test.batch(4096), return_dict=True)

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