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2FA manager

Project description

If you have a lot of account with two factor authentification activated, using a separated device can take a lot of time.

Tetripin is a cli 2FA manager that can generate the one time PIN from your terminal. It’s compatible with most TOTP services, e.g: the ones that use the regular settings for Google Authenticator such as most crypto-currency exchanges, lastpass and discord…

$ tetripin add Bittrex JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP
Account added
$ tetripin gen Bittrex


It works on Windows/Mac/Linux, but support only TOTP with default settings:

period = 30
digits = 6
algorithm = SHA1

If you need other settings, open a github issue.

It’s written in Python, and works on Python 2 and 3.


You need to know how pip works. If you don’t, vote on the github issue asking for binaries. Indicate your OS name and version.

` python -m pip install tetripin --user `

Binary may come in the future so you don’t have to understand how pip works.


  • backup

  • restore

  • rename

  • import

  • read from qrcode local file or url

  • deal with other algo settings

  • add support for steam

  • add sync service

  • desktop GUI

  • mobile GUI

  • web GUI

  • keepass integration

  • output time remaining


If you can’t find the tetripin command, you can still call tetripin doing:

python -m tetripin

Export secrets:

$ tetripin listsecrets # Export secrets

Get conf infos:

$ tetripin listconfig # List config values


If your secrets get stolen, people will be able to generate the PIN. Keep the secrets.toml safe !

Project details

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tetripin-0.1.3.tar.gz (5.9 kB view hashes)

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