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Simple LaTeX log file parsing library.

Project description


Simple output/log file parsing library for LaTeX builds.

LaTeX log files are notoriously unstructured and there is a wide variance in the style and content of messages. Messages can be roughly characterised as an error, an warning, a bad box, or info. Packages and classes can also generate messages and, while there are template macros for producing such messages, no structure is enforced on the messages.

Many LaTeX editors provide a log file parser that runs automatically on building the document. A summary of the errors, warnings, and bad boxes is usually displayed to the user. There does not seem to be any library or tool for parsing log files separate from these editors.


The library can be installed via Pip

pip install texoutparse


The main class provided by this library is LaTexLogParser, which is used to parse the log file and collect the statistics.

from texoutparse import LatexLogParser

parser = LatexLogParser()
with open('sample.log') as f:

The parser object contains lists of errors, warnings, and bad boxes, each described by an LogFileMessage object. Both objects provide a __str__ method that prints a summary of the error in the case of LatexLogParser and the raw lines in the case of LogFileMessage.

>>> print(parser)
Errors: 1, Warnings: 1, Badboxes:1

>>> print(parser.errors[0])
! Undefined control sequence.
l.6 \dtae
{December 2004}


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Sam Morley - -

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

Release History

  • 1.0. Initial release

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