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Keras (TensorFlow v2) port of OpenCLIP package.

Project description


Keras (TensorFlow v2) port of OpenCLIP package.


pip install tfclip


  1. Function create_model_and_transforms returns model, single_or_batch_image_preprocess, batch_text_preprocess instead of model, image_preprocess_train, image_preprocess_val (OpenCLIP).
  2. Image preprocessing uses TensorFlow API instead of PIL (OpenCLIP). If you want compare ported model outputs against original, use pre-resized image.
  3. Some weights are too large and can't be uploaded in GitHub release. If you get 404 when trying to load model weights, you should convert them locally using script python <model_name> <pretrain_name> <weights_dir> and supply weight path like this create_model_and_transforms(..., weights_path='<path_to_weights.h5>')
  4. OpenAI weights moved to -quickgelu models where they should be.
  5. Model ViT-SO400M-14-SigLIP-384 renamed to ViT-SO400M-14-SigLIP-378 (384 // 14 * 14 == 378).


Default usage (with pretrained temperature scaling):

import cv2
from tf_keras.src.utils import data_utils
from tfclip import create_model_and_transforms

model, image_prep, text_prep = create_model_and_transforms('ViT-B-32', pretrained='laion2b_s34b_b79k')

image = data_utils.get_file(
    'elephant.jpg', '')
image = cv2.cvtColor(cv2.imread(image), cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
images = image_prep(image)[None]
texts = text_prep(['a diagram', 'a dog', 'a cat', 'an elephant'])

text_probs = model([images, texts], training=False).numpy()
print('Label probs:', text_probs)  # [[2.3066370e-06 3.2963203e-07 1.9622885e-08 9.9999738e-01]]
# open_clip: [[2.4752687e-06 3.3843190e-07 2.0362965e-08 9.9999714e-01]]

Extract image and/or text features separately:

import cv2
import tensorflow as tf
from tf_keras import models
from tf_keras.src.utils import data_utils
from tfclip import create_model_and_transforms

model, image_prep, text_prep = create_model_and_transforms('ViT-B-32', pretrained='laion2b_s34b_b79k')

image = data_utils.get_file(
    'elephant.jpg', '')
image = cv2.cvtColor(cv2.imread(image), cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
images = image_prep(image)[None]
texts = text_prep(['a diagram', 'a dog', 'a cat', 'an elephant'])

image_model = models.Model(model.inputs[0], model.get_layer('vision/head/out').output)
image_features = image_model(images, training=False)
image_features /= tf.norm(image_features, axis=-1, keepdims=True)

text_model = models.Model(model.inputs[1], model.get_layer('text/head/out').output)
text_features = text_model(texts, training=False)
text_features /= tf.norm(text_features, axis=-1, keepdims=True)

text_probs = tf.matmul(image_features * 100., text_features, transpose_b=True)
text_probs = tf.nn.softmax(text_probs).numpy()
print('Label probs:', text_probs)  # [[2.3066459e-06 3.2963297e-07 1.9622959e-08 9.9999738e-01]]
# open_clip: [[2.4752687e-06 3.3843190e-07 2.0362965e-08 9.9999714e-01]]

Models and weights

[!TIP] Fully ported

  • coca_ViT-B-32: laion2b_s13b_b90k, mscoco_finetuned_laion2b_s13b_b90k
  • coca_ViT-L-14: laion2b_s13b_b90k, mscoco_finetuned_laion2b_s13b_b90k
  • EVA02-B-16: merged2b_s8b_b131k
  • EVA02-L-14: merged2b_s4b_b131k
  • EVA02-L-14-336: merged2b_s6b_b61k
  • ViT-B-16: laion400m_e31, laion400m_e32, laion2b_s34b_b88k, datacomp_xl_s13b_b90k, datacomp_l_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_clip_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_laion_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_image_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_text_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_basic_s1b_b8k, commonpool_l_s1b_b8k
  • ViT-B-16-plus-240: laion400m_e31, laion400m_e32
  • ViT-B-16-quickgelu: openai, metaclip_400m, metaclip_fullcc
  • ViT-B-16-SigLIP: webli
  • ViT-B-16-SigLIP-256: webli
  • ViT-B-16-SigLIP-384: webli
  • ViT-B-16-SigLIP-512: webli
  • ViT-B-16-SigLIP-i18n-256: webli
  • ViT-B-32: laion400m_e31, laion400m_e32, laion2b_e16, laion2b_s34b_b79k, datacomp_xl_s13b_b90k, datacomp_m_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_clip_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_laion_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_image_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_text_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_basic_s128m_b4k, commonpool_m_s128m_b4k, datacomp_s_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_clip_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_laion_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_image_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_text_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_basic_s13m_b4k, commonpool_s_s13m_b4k
  • ViT-B-32-256: datacomp_s34b_b86k
  • ViT-B-32-quickgelu: openai, laion400m_e31, laion400m_e32, metaclip_400m, metaclip_fullcc
  • ViT-L-14: laion400m_e31, laion400m_e32, laion2b_s32b_b82k, datacomp_xl_s13b_b90k, commonpool_xl_clip_s13b_b90k, commonpool_xl_laion_s13b_b90k, commonpool_xl_s13b_b90k
  • ViT-L-14-336-quickgelu: openai
  • ViT-L-14-CLIPA: datacomp1b
  • ViT-L-14-CLIPA-336: datacomp1b
  • ViT-L-14-quickgelu: openai, metaclip_400m, metaclip_fullcc

[!WARNING] Local weight conversion required

  • EVA01-g-14: laion400m_s11b_b41k
  • EVA01-g-14-plus: merged2b_s11b_b114k
  • EVA02-E-14: laion2b_s4b_b115k
  • EVA02-E-14-plus: laion2b_s9b_b144k
  • ViT-bigG-14: laion2b_s39b_b160k
  • ViT-bigG-14-CLIPA: datacomp1b
  • ViT-bigG-14-CLIPA-336: datacomp1b
  • ViT-g-14: laion2b_s12b_b42k, laion2b_s34b_b88k
  • ViT-H-14: laion2b_s32b_b79k
  • ViT-H-14-CLIPA: datacomp1b
  • ViT-H-14-CLIPA-336-quickgelu: laion2b, datacomp1b
  • ViT-H-14-quickgelu: metaclip_fullcc
  • ViT-L-16-SigLIP-256: webli
  • ViT-L-16-SigLIP-384: webli
  • ViT-SO400M-14-SigLIP: webli
  • ViT-SO400M-14-SigLIP-378: webli

[!CAUTION] Not ported

  • convnext_base: laion400m_s13b_b51k
  • convnext_base_w: laion2b_s13b_b82k, laion2b_s13b_b82k_augreg, laion_aesthetic_s13b_b82k
  • convnext_base_w_320: laion_aesthetic_s13b_b82k, laion_aesthetic_s13b_b82k_augreg
  • convnext_large_d: laion2b_s26b_b102k_augreg
  • convnext_large_d_320: laion2b_s29b_b131k_ft, laion2b_s29b_b131k_ft_soup
  • convnext_xxlarge: laion2b_s34b_b82k_augreg, laion2b_s34b_b82k_augreg_rewind, laion2b_s34b_b82k_augreg_soup
  • nllb-clip-base: v1
  • nllb-clip-large: v1
  • RN50: openai, yfcc15m, cc12m
  • RN50-quickgelu: openai, yfcc15m, cc12m
  • RN50x4: openai
  • RN50x16: openai
  • RN50x64: openai
  • RN101: openai, yfcc15m
  • RN101-quickgelu: openai, yfcc15m
  • roberta-ViT-B-32: laion2b_s12b_b32k
  • xlm-roberta-base-ViT-B-32: laion5b_s13b_b90k
  • xlm-roberta-large-ViT-H-14: frozen_laion5b_s13b_b90k


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