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Helpers for fabric based deployments.

Project description

# tg-hammer

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Helpers for fabric based deployments.

## Quickstart

Install tg-hammer:

pip install tg-hammer

## Features

See the documentation for detailed information.

### VCS

Hammer provides unified helper api for both git and Mercurial based projects. It can automatically detect which version control system to use based on the current project (by inspecting project_root).

### Services

Hammer contains management helpers for the following unix service daemon utilities:

  • upstart

  • systemd

  • supervisor

## Testing

Hammer includes functional tests that are executed inside Docker containers. The file executes three docker-compose commands that first brings up a slave server, then a master server which executes the tests during building, and brings both of these down after execution. The master acts as the developer machine and the slave as the server where deployments are run on.

To run the tests manually, first comment out the line:


and uncomment the line

# tail -f /dev/null

inside This will keep both the master and slave running when you execute

docker-compose up –build

Now you can enter a bash shell inside the master by executing:

docker exec -it tghammer_master_1 /bin/bash

At this point you can simply execute


to run the tests.

Either method of running the tests will print tons of output and will (hopefully) result in all tests passing. Sadly it is not possible to use py.test capturing to reduce the amount of spam because this program is not compatible with fabric’s internal capturing logic.

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