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Python Client wrapper for Thinkific API

Project description

Thinkific Python SDK

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This is a Python SDK to interact with the Thinkific LMS API. The official documentation for the API can be found here.


pip install thinkific



  1. Import the library
from thinkific import Thinkific 
  1. Create an object with the Auth token and subdomain name
thinkific = Thinkific("<auth_token>","<subdomain>")


The following endpoints are currently supported:

  • Bundles
  • Chapters
  • Contents
  • Coupons
  • Course reviews (course_reviews)
  • Courses
  • Enrollments
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Promotions
  • Users
  • Webhooks

Each endpoint can be initialized in the following way:

  users= thinkific.users


The methods can be accessed as below

  thinkific = Thinkific("<auth_token>","<subdomain>")

The python methods corresponding to each API contents will be listed below:


Content Function
Retrieve A Bundle retrieve_bundle()
Retrieve the Courses Within A Bundle retrieve_courses_in_bundle()
Create an Enrollment in a Bundle of Courses create_enrollment_in_bundle()
Get Enrollments in a Bundle get_enrollments_in_bundle()
Update Enrollments in a Bundle update_enrollments_in_bundle()


Content Function
Retrieve A Chapter retrieve_chapter()
Retrieve the Contents of a Chapter retrieve_contents_of_chapter()


Content Function
Retrieve A Content retrieve_content()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Coupons list()
Retrieve a Coupon retrieve_coupon()
Create a Coupon create_coupon()
Bulk Create Coupons bulk_create_coupons()
Update a Coupon update_coupon()
Delete a Coupon delete_coupon()

Course Reviews

Content Function
Retrieve a list of Reviews for a Course list()
Create a Course Review create_course_review()
Retrieve a Course Review retrieve_course_review()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Courses list()
Retrieve a Course retrieve_course()
Retrieve the Chapters of a Course retrieve_chapters()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Enrollments list()
Retrieve an Enrollment retrieve_enrollment()
Create an Enrollment create_enrollment()
Update an Enrollment update_enrollment()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Orders list()
Retrieve an Order retrieve_order()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Products list()
Retrieve a Product retrieve_product()
Retrieve a list of Products related to another Product retrieve_product_related()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Promotions list()
Retrieve a Promotion retrieve_promotion()
Create a Promotion create_promotion()
Update a Promotion update_promotion()
Delete a Promotion delete_promotion()
Find a Promotion by Coupon Code and Product find_promotion_with_coupon_and_product()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Users list()
Retrieve a User retrieve_user()
Create a User create_user()
Update a User update_user()
Delete a User delete_user()


Content Function
Retrieve a list of Webhooks list()
Retrieve a Webhook retrieve_webhook()
Create a User create_webhook()
Update a Webhook update_webhook()
Delete a Webhook delete_webhook()

For more details, please look at the Thinkific API Docs.


  • Add the remaining API endpoints

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