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Unofficial "API" for the ThisPersonDoesNotExist website.

What is ThisPersonDoesNotExist?

A page that returns a JPEG picture of a person that does not exist, because it has been generated using an AI. When opening the webpage, a image is returned directly, and refreshing the page will return a new image (although they can be repeated because the repository is limited and images are not generated on real time).

Some articles about it:

Why creating/using an "API"?

Why not? Use your imagination!


  • Python 3.6
  • requests library
  • free time


Get a person using function

from thispersondoesnotexist import get_online_person
picture = await get_online_person()  # bytes representation of the image

# Save to a file
from thispersondoesnotexist import save_picture
await save_picture(picture, "a_beautiful_person.jpeg")
# If no filename is provided, one will be generated using the checksum of the picture
await save_picture(picture)

Get a person using class

from thispersondoesnotexist import Person
# Initialize with True to automatically get a person from the webpage
person = Person(fetch_online=True)

# Save to a file
# If no filename is provided, one will be generated using the checksum of the picture

Generate checksums

This can be useful if you want to create a scraper of fictional persons. You would be calling the methods to get random pictures, and to avoid repeating them, you can use their checksum - or just save with the auto-generated filename.

from thispersondoesnotexist import get_online_person, get_checksum_from_picture, Person

# Using object
person = Person(fetch_online=True)
checksum = person.get_checksum("md5")

# Using function
picture = await get_online_person()
checksum2 = get_checksum_from_picture(picture)  # Method is optional, defaults to "md5"

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