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Pure python implementation of Apache Thrift.

Project description

ThriftPy: has been deprecated, ThriftPy2 aims to provide long term support.

Migrate from Thriftpy?

All you need is:

import thriftpy2 as thriftpy

That’s it! thriftpy2 is fully compatible with thriftpy.


Install with pip.

$ pip install thriftpy2

You may also install cython first to build cython extension locally.

$ pip install cython thriftpy2

Code Demo

ThriftPy make it super easy to write server/client code with thrift. Let’s checkout this simple pingpong service demo.

We need a ‘pingpong.thrift’ file:

service PingPong {
    string ping(),

Then we can make a server:

import thriftpy2
pingpong_thrift = thriftpy2.load("pingpong.thrift", module_name="pingpong_thrift")

from thriftpy2.rpc import make_server

class Dispatcher(object):
    def ping(self):
        return "pong"

server = make_server(pingpong_thrift.PingPong, Dispatcher(), '', 6000)

And a client:

import thriftpy2
pingpong_thrift = thriftpy2.load("pingpong.thrift", module_name="pingpong_thrift")

from thriftpy2.rpc import make_client

client = make_client(pingpong_thrift.PingPong, '', 6000)

And it also supports asyncio on Python 3.5 or later:

import thriftpy2
import asyncio
from thriftpy2.rpc import make_aio_client

echo_thrift = thriftpy2.load("echo.thrift", module_name="echo_thrift")

async def request():
    client = await make_aio_client(
        echo_thrift.EchoService, '', 6000)
    print(await client.echo('hello, world'))
import asyncio
import thriftpy2

from thriftpy2.rpc import make_aio_server

echo_thrift = thriftpy2.load("echo.thrift", module_name="echo_thrift")

class Dispatcher(object):
    async def echo(self, param):
        await asyncio.sleep(0.1)
        return param

def main():
    server = make_aio_server(
        echo_thrift.EchoService, Dispatcher(), '', 6000)

if __name__ == '__main__':

See, it’s that easy!

You can refer to ‘examples’ and ‘tests’ directory in source code for more usage examples.


Currently ThriftPy have these features (also advantages over the upstream python lib):

  • Supports Python 2.7, Python 3.4+, PyPy and PyPy3.

  • Pure python implementation. No longer need to compile & install the ‘thrift’ package. All you need is thriftpy2 and thrift file.

  • Compatible with Apache Thrift. You can use ThriftPy together with the official implementation servers and clients, such as a upstream server with a thriftpy2 client or the opposite.

    Currently implemented protocols and transports:

    • binary protocol (python and cython)

    • compact protocol (python and cython)

    • json protocol

    • Apache JSON protocol compatible with apache thrift distribution’s JSON protocol. Simply do from thriftpy2.protocol import TApacheJSONProtocolFactory and pass this to the proto_factory argument where appropriate.

    • buffered transport (python & cython)

    • framed transport

    • tornado server and client (with tornado 4.0)

    • http server and client

    • asyncio support (python 3.5 or later)

  • Can directly load thrift file as module, the sdk code will be generated on the fly.

    For example, pingpong_thrift = thriftpy2.load("pingpong.thrift", module_name="pingpong_thrift") will load ‘pingpong.thrift’ as ‘pingpong_thrift’ module.

    Or, when import hook enabled by thriftpy2.install_import_hook(), you can directly use import pingpong_thrift to import the ‘pingpong.thrift’ file as module, you may also use from pingpong_thrift import PingService to import specific object from the thrift module.

  • Easy RPC server/client setup.


  1. Fork the repo and make changes.

  2. Write a test which shows a bug was fixed or the feature works as expected.

  3. Make sure travis-ci or tox tests succeed.

  4. Send pull request.





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