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Ticketus is a simple, no-frills ticketing system for helpdesks.

Project description

Ticketus is a simple, no-frills ticketing system for helpdesks. For more information about its features and for a demo, see [](

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  • Python 3.3+

  • PostgreSQL 9.3+ and [psycopg2](

  • WSGI server (e.g. gunicorn)

  • Web server (e.g. nginx or Apache2)


  1. Install your distro’s packages for Python 3, virtualenv, and psycopg2. For example, on Fedora:

    ` # yum install python3 python-virtualenv python3-psycopg2 `

  2. Activate a virtualenv (ensure it uses Python 3 as 2.x is not supported):

    ` $ virtualenv -p python3 --system-site-packages ticketus $ cd ticketus && source bin/activate `

  3. Install the latest release from [PyPi](

    ` $ pip install ticketus `

  4. Create a new Python package inside the virtualenv called ticketus_settings and copy the configuration to it:

    ` $ mkdir ticketus_settings $ touch ticketus_settings/ $ cp lib/python*/site-packages/ticketus/ ticketus_settings/ `

  5. Edit the settings and specify at least the database and BASE_DIR (which should be set to the full path to the virtualenv).

  6. Create and populate the database:

    ` $ createdb ticketus $ PYTHONPATH=. ticketus-admin init `

    Note when running ticketus-admin, you must set PYTHONPATH to the parent directory of where ticketus_settings is located.

  7. Optionally import some data (see [import_scripts/]( for more information).

  8. Point your WSGI server to ticketus.wsgi, e.g.:

    ` $ pip install gunicorn $ gunicorn ticketus.wsgi `

  9. You must point your web server to serve files from static, as gunicorn will not.

  10. If you just wish to bring up the development server quickly for testing, run:

` $ PYTHONPATH=. ticketus-admin runserver `

LDAP authentication

LDAP authentication is available by using the django_auth_ldap3 library. Follow the [installation instructions]( to set up.

Email gateway

Ticketus provides an email gateway for retrieving emails and importing them as tickets and comments. Currently there exists a backend for IMAP4 and it can be run as a cronjob.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

ticketus-0.6.0.tar.gz (28.7 kB view hashes)

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