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Map TiddlyWeb URLs to your own custom URLs

Project description


This plugin lets you:

  • Map a custom URL to a default TiddlyWeb URL.

  • Map a custom URL to any other URL, for use as a URL shortener

It uses selector syntax for the custom URL (


This plugin is a “system” and a “twanager” plugin. Type twanager usage in the command line. Your should look similar to this configuration:

config = {
'system_plugins': ['tiddlywebwiki', 'tiddlywebplugins.urls' ],
'secret': 'XXXXXXXX',
'twanager_plugins': ['tiddlywebwiki', 'tiddlywebplugins.urls'],

# the tiddlywebwiki.friendlywiki function doesn't work with urls plugin,

# it needs to be disabled.
'tiddlywebwiki.friendlywiki': False,


Note: All urls are stored in a bag called “urls” by default.

The name of this bag can be changed by adding “urls_bag” to, but all tiddlers in the bag must be “url tiddlers” of the described format. If this bag doesn’t exists already, it will be created automatically.

Rewrite URLs

To bring up a tiddlywiki at /default, create a tiddler like:



This configuration creates a link eg: that would otherwise be:, which is still valid. Be sure the recipe named “default” exists!

Flexible Version

Using the above format you’d need to create one tiddler per recipe. This isn’t very “user friendly”. So we need to be more flexibe, using “placeholders” to define the relation. Now we want to map every recipe_name, that the user may enter eg: /wiki/anyRecipeName:


/recipes/{{ recipe_name }}/

A URL will load

Redirect URLs

Redirect to internal URL

If you want to redirect instead of rewrite to an internal URL, you can add the tag “redirect”:



/recipes/{{ user }}/

Be aware, that adding a user will not automatically add a user recipe. So if you need one, you need to create it.

Redirect to exernal URL

To create a short link to, you might do the following. There is no need for the “redirect” tag:




If we create a tiddlywiki with a bag eg: /bags/{{ bag_name }}/ it will be loaded as a TiddlyWiki representation, but it is not saveable:



The experiment recipe needs to look similar to this one (in production you’ll need access rights!):

desc: some description text ...
policy: {"read": [], "create": [], "manage": [R:ADMIN], "write": [], "owner": null, "delete": []}

/bags/{{ bag_name }}/tiddlers

Where bag_name can be any variable name.

Note that this does not support PUTs, you are unable to PUT to the recipe (unless you provide a default for bag_name). This version needs a client side plugin to work with PUTs.

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