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Timestamp manager

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Build Status


In order to install, you can either use pypi with either

pip3 install timestamps


python3 -m pip install timestamps


The library has several types defined


Represents a timestamp with a 10^-7 precision (same as the time.time() of python 3) You can instanciate it in various ways, each time, you can provide a non-keyword value or a value with as keyword either _float, _hex or _datetime, or with the methods from_float, from_hex and from_datetime Timestamps objects can ONLY represent POSITIVE timestamps.

# From the current time
t =

# With a float
t = Timestamp(1.0)
t = Timestamp.from_float(1.0)
t = Timestamp(_float=1.0) # WARNING: Discouraged, use Timestamp.from_float instead

# With a datetime
t = Timestamp(
t = Timestamp.from_datetime(
t = Timestamp( # WARNING: Discouraged, use Timestamp.from_datetime instead 

# With an hex
t = Timestamp(_hex='f')  # WARNING: Discouraged, use Timestamp.from_hex instead
t = Timestamp('0xf0')
t = Timestamp.from_hex('#FF')

# With another timestamp
t = Timestamp(

You can compare them with anything that can fit in the Timestamp initializator, namely floats, datetimes, and hex values. <
time.time() <
'0xff' < Timestamp(time.time())

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