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PyTorch Image Models

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PyTorch Image Models

What's New

❗Updates after Oct 10, 2022 are available in version >= 0.9❗

  • Many changes since the last 0.6.x stable releases. They were previewed in 0.8.x dev releases but not everyone transitioned.
  • timm.models.layers moved to timm.layers:
    • from timm.models.layers import name will still work via deprecation mapping (but please transition to timm.layers).
    • import timm.models.layers.module or from timm.models.layers.module import name needs to be changed now.
  • Builder, helper, non-model modules in timm.models have a _ prefix added, ie timm.models.helpers -> timm.models._helpers, there are temporary deprecation mapping files but those will be removed.
  • All models now support architecture.pretrained_tag naming (ex resnet50.rsb_a1).
    • The pretrained_tag is the specific weight variant (different head) for the architecture.
    • Using only architecture defaults to the first weights in the default_cfgs for that model architecture.
    • In adding pretrained tags, many model names that existed to differentiate were renamed to use the tag (ex: vit_base_patch16_224_in21k -> vit_base_patch16_224.augreg_in21k). There are deprecation mappings for these.
  • A number of models had their checkpoints remaped to match architecture changes needed to better support features_only=True, there are checkpoint_filter_fn methods in any model module that was remapped. These can be passed to timm.models.load_checkpoint(..., filter_fn=timm.models.swin_transformer_v2.checkpoint_filter_fn) to remap your existing checkpoint.
  • The Hugging Face Hub ( is now the primary source for timm weights. Model cards include link to papers, original source, license.
  • Previous 0.6.x can be cloned from 0.6.x branch or installed via pip with version.

May 14, 2024

  • Support loading PaliGemma jax weights into SigLIP ViT models with average pooling.
  • Add Hiera models from Meta (
  • Add normalize= flag for transorms, return non-normalized torch.Tensor with original dytpe (for chug)
  • Version 1.0.3 release

May 11, 2024

  • Searching for Better ViT Baselines (For the GPU Poor) weights and vit variants released. Exploring model shapes between Tiny and Base.
model top1 top5 param_count img_size
vit_mediumd_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in12k_ft_in1k 86.202 97.874 64.11 256
vit_betwixt_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in12k_ft_in1k 85.418 97.48 60.4 256
vit_mediumd_patch16_rope_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 84.322 96.812 63.95 256
vit_betwixt_patch16_rope_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.906 96.684 60.23 256
vit_base_patch16_rope_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.866 96.67 86.43 256
vit_medium_patch16_rope_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.81 96.824 38.74 256
vit_betwixt_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.706 96.616 60.4 256
vit_betwixt_patch16_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.628 96.544 60.4 256
vit_medium_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.47 96.622 38.88 256
vit_medium_patch16_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 83.462 96.548 38.88 256
vit_little_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in1k 82.514 96.262 22.52 256
vit_wee_patch16_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 80.256 95.360 13.42 256
vit_pwee_patch16_reg1_gap_256.sbb_in1k 80.072 95.136 15.25 256
vit_mediumd_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in12k N/A N/A 64.11 256
vit_betwixt_patch16_reg4_gap_256.sbb_in12k N/A N/A 60.4 256
  • AttentionExtract helper added to extract attention maps from timm models. See example in
  • forward_intermediates() API refined and added to more models including some ConvNets that have other extraction methods.
  • 1017 of 1047 model architectures support features_only=True feature extraction. Remaining 34 architectures can be supported but based on priority requests.
  • Remove torch.jit.script annotated functions including old JIT activations. Conflict with dynamo and dynamo does a much better job when used.

April 11, 2024

  • Prepping for a long overdue 1.0 release, things have been stable for a while now.
  • Significant feature that's been missing for a while, features_only=True support for ViT models with flat hidden states or non-std module layouts (so far covering 'vit_*', 'twins_*', 'deit*', 'beit*', 'mvitv2*', 'eva*', 'samvit_*', 'flexivit*')
  • Above feature support achieved through a new forward_intermediates() API that can be used with a feature wrapping module or direclty.
model = timm.create_model('vit_base_patch16_224')
final_feat, intermediates = model.forward_intermediates(input) 
output = model.forward_head(final_feat)  # pooling + classifier head

torch.Size([2, 197, 768])

for f in intermediates:
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])
torch.Size([2, 768, 14, 14])

torch.Size([2, 1000])
model = timm.create_model('eva02_base_patch16_clip_224', pretrained=True, img_size=512, features_only=True, out_indices=(-3, -2,))
output = model(torch.randn(2, 3, 512, 512))

for o in output:    
torch.Size([2, 768, 32, 32])
torch.Size([2, 768, 32, 32])
  • TinyCLIP vision tower weights added, thx Thien Tran

Feb 19, 2024

  • Next-ViT models added. Adapted from
  • HGNet and PP-HGNetV2 models added. Adapted from by SeeFun
  • Removed, moved to pyproject.toml based build supported by PDM
  • Add updated model EMA impl using _for_each for less overhead
  • Support device args in train script for non GPU devices
  • Other misc fixes and small additions
  • Min supported Python version increased to 3.8
  • Release 0.9.16

Jan 8, 2024

Datasets & transform refactoring

  • HuggingFace streaming (iterable) dataset support (--dataset hfids:org/dataset)
  • Webdataset wrapper tweaks for improved split info fetching, can auto fetch splits from supported HF hub webdataset
  • Tested HF datasets and webdataset wrapper streaming from HF hub with recent timm ImageNet uploads to
  • Make input & target column/field keys consistent across datasets and pass via args
  • Full monochrome support when using e:g: --input-size 1 224 224 or --in-chans 1, sets PIL image conversion appropriately in dataset
  • Improved several alternate crop & resize transforms (ResizeKeepRatio, RandomCropOrPad, etc) for use in PixParse document AI project
  • Add SimCLR style color jitter prob along with grayscale and gaussian blur options to augmentations and args
  • Allow train without validation set (--val-split '') in train script
  • Add --bce-sum (sum over class dim) and --bce-pos-weight (positive weighting) args for training as they're common BCE loss tweaks I was often hard coding

Nov 23, 2023

  • Added EfficientViT-Large models, thanks SeeFun
  • Fix Python 3.7 compat, will be dropping support for it soon
  • Other misc fixes
  • Release 0.9.12

Nov 20, 2023

Nov 3, 2023

Oct 20, 2023

  • SigLIP image tower weights supported in
    • Great potential for fine-tune and downstream feature use.
  • Experimental 'register' support in vit models as per Vision Transformers Need Registers
  • Updated RepViT with new weight release. Thanks wangao
  • Add patch resizing support (on pretrained weight load) to Swin models
  • 0.9.8 release pending

Sep 1, 2023

  • TinyViT added by SeeFun
  • Fix EfficientViT (MIT) to use torch.autocast so it works back to PT 1.10
  • 0.9.7 release

Aug 28, 2023

  • Add dynamic img size support to models in,,, and w/o breaking backward compat.
    • Add dynamic_img_size=True to args at model creation time to allow changing the grid size (interpolate abs and/or ROPE pos embed each forward pass).
    • Add dynamic_img_pad=True to allow image sizes that aren't divisible by patch size (pad bottom right to patch size each forward pass).
    • Enabling either dynamic mode will break FX tracing unless PatchEmbed module added as leaf.
    • Existing method of resizing position embedding by passing different img_size (interpolate pretrained embed weights once) on creation still works.
    • Existing method of changing patch_size (resize pretrained patch_embed weights once) on creation still works.
    • Example validation cmd python /imagenet --model vit_base_patch16_224 --amp --amp-dtype bfloat16 --img-size 255 --crop-pct 1.0 --model-kwargs dynamic_img_size=True dyamic_img_pad=True

Aug 25, 2023

Aug 11, 2023

  • Swin, MaxViT, CoAtNet, and BEiT models support resizing of image/window size on creation with adaptation of pretrained weights
  • Example validation cmd to test w/ non-square resize python /imagenet --model swin_base_patch4_window7_224.ms_in22k_ft_in1k --amp --amp-dtype bfloat16 --input-size 3 256 320 --model-kwargs window_size=8,10 img_size=256,320

Aug 3, 2023

  • Add GluonCV weights for HRNet w18_small and w18_small_v2. Converted by SeeFun
  • Fix selecsls* model naming regression
  • Patch and position embedding for ViT/EVA works for bfloat16/float16 weights on load (or activations for on-the-fly resize)
  • v0.9.5 release prep

July 27, 2023

  • Added timm trained seresnextaa201d_32x8d.sw_in12k_ft_in1k_384 weights (and .sw_in12k pretrain) with 87.3% top-1 on ImageNet-1k, best ImageNet ResNet family model I'm aware of.
  • RepViT model and weights ( added by wangao
  • I-JEPA ViT feature weights (no classifier) added by SeeFun
  • SAM-ViT (segment anything) feature weights (no classifier) added by SeeFun
  • Add support for alternative feat extraction methods and -ve indices to EfficientNet
  • Add NAdamW optimizer
  • Misc fixes

May 11, 2023

  • timm 0.9 released, transition from 0.8.xdev releases

May 10, 2023

  • Hugging Face Hub downloading is now default, 1132 models on, 1163 weights in timm
  • DINOv2 vit feature backbone weights added thanks to Leng Yue
  • FB MAE vit feature backbone weights added
  • OpenCLIP DataComp-XL L/14 feat backbone weights added
  • MetaFormer (poolformer-v2, caformer, convformer, updated poolformer (v1)) w/ weights added by Fredo Guan
  • Experimental get_intermediate_layers function on vit/deit models for grabbing hidden states (inspired by DINO impl). This is WIP and may change significantly... feedback welcome.
  • Model creation throws error if pretrained=True and no weights exist (instead of continuing with random initialization)
  • Fix regression with inception / nasnet TF sourced weights with 1001 classes in original classifiers
  • bitsandbytes ( optimizers added to factory, use bnb prefix, ie bnbadam8bit
  • Misc cleanup and fixes
  • Final testing before switching to a 0.9 and bringing timm out of pre-release state

April 27, 2023

  • 97% of timm models uploaded to HF Hub and almost all updated to support multi-weight pretrained configs
  • Minor cleanup and refactoring of another batch of models as multi-weight added. More fused_attn (F.sdpa) and features_only support, and torchscript fixes.

April 21, 2023

  • Gradient accumulation support added to train script and tested (--grad-accum-steps), thanks Taeksang Kim
  • More weights on HF Hub (cspnet, cait, volo, xcit, tresnet, hardcorenas, densenet, dpn, vovnet, xception_aligned)
  • Added --head-init-scale and --head-init-bias to to scale classiifer head and set fixed bias for fine-tune
  • Remove all InplaceABN (inplace_abn) use, replaced use in tresnet with standard BatchNorm (modified weights accordingly).

April 12, 2023

  • Add ONNX export script, validate script, helpers that I've had kicking around for along time. Tweak 'same' padding for better export w/ recent ONNX + pytorch.
  • Refactor dropout args for vit and vit-like models, separate drop_rate into drop_rate (classifier dropout), proj_drop_rate (block mlp / out projections), pos_drop_rate (position embedding drop), attn_drop_rate (attention dropout). Also add patch dropout (FLIP) to vit and eva models.
  • fused F.scaled_dot_product_attention support to more vit models, add env var (TIMM_FUSED_ATTN) to control, and config interface to enable/disable
  • Add EVA-CLIP backbones w/ image tower weights, all the way up to 4B param 'enormous' model, and 336x336 OpenAI ViT mode that was missed.

April 5, 2023

  • ALL ResNet models pushed to Hugging Face Hub with multi-weight support
  • New ImageNet-12k + ImageNet-1k fine-tunes available for a few anti-aliased ResNet models
    • resnetaa50d.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 81.7 @ 224, 82.6 @ 288
    • resnetaa101d.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 83.5 @ 224, 84.1 @ 288
    • seresnextaa101d_32x8d.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 86.0 @ 224, 86.5 @ 288
    • seresnextaa101d_32x8d.sw_in12k_ft_in1k_288 - 86.5 @ 288, 86.7 @ 320

March 31, 2023

  • Add first ConvNext-XXLarge CLIP -> IN-1k fine-tune and IN-12k intermediate fine-tunes for convnext-base/large CLIP models.
model top1 top5 img_size param_count gmacs macts
convnext_xxlarge.clip_laion2b_soup_ft_in1k 88.612 98.704 256 846.47 198.09 124.45
convnext_large_mlp.clip_laion2b_soup_ft_in12k_in1k_384 88.312 98.578 384 200.13 101.11 126.74
convnext_large_mlp.clip_laion2b_soup_ft_in12k_in1k_320 87.968 98.47 320 200.13 70.21 88.02
convnext_base.clip_laion2b_augreg_ft_in12k_in1k_384 87.138 98.212 384 88.59 45.21 84.49
convnext_base.clip_laion2b_augreg_ft_in12k_in1k 86.344 97.97 256 88.59 20.09 37.55
  • Add EVA-02 MIM pretrained and fine-tuned weights, push to HF hub and update model cards for all EVA models. First model over 90% top-1 (99% top-5)! Check out the original code & weights at for more details on their work blending MIM, CLIP w/ many model, dataset, and train recipe tweaks.
model top1 top5 param_count img_size
eva02_large_patch14_448.mim_m38m_ft_in22k_in1k 90.054 99.042 305.08 448
eva02_large_patch14_448.mim_in22k_ft_in22k_in1k 89.946 99.01 305.08 448
eva_giant_patch14_560.m30m_ft_in22k_in1k 89.792 98.992 1014.45 560
eva02_large_patch14_448.mim_in22k_ft_in1k 89.626 98.954 305.08 448
eva02_large_patch14_448.mim_m38m_ft_in1k 89.57 98.918 305.08 448
eva_giant_patch14_336.m30m_ft_in22k_in1k 89.56 98.956 1013.01 336
eva_giant_patch14_336.clip_ft_in1k 89.466 98.82 1013.01 336
eva_large_patch14_336.in22k_ft_in22k_in1k 89.214 98.854 304.53 336
eva_giant_patch14_224.clip_ft_in1k 88.882 98.678 1012.56 224
eva02_base_patch14_448.mim_in22k_ft_in22k_in1k 88.692 98.722 87.12 448
eva_large_patch14_336.in22k_ft_in1k 88.652 98.722 304.53 336
eva_large_patch14_196.in22k_ft_in22k_in1k 88.592 98.656 304.14 196
eva02_base_patch14_448.mim_in22k_ft_in1k 88.23 98.564 87.12 448
eva_large_patch14_196.in22k_ft_in1k 87.934 98.504 304.14 196
eva02_small_patch14_336.mim_in22k_ft_in1k 85.74 97.614 22.13 336
eva02_tiny_patch14_336.mim_in22k_ft_in1k 80.658 95.524 5.76 336
  • Multi-weight and HF hub for DeiT and MLP-Mixer based models

March 22, 2023

  • More weights pushed to HF hub along with multi-weight support, including:,,,,,,
  • Swin Transformer models support feature extraction (NCHW feat maps for swinv2_cr_*, and NHWC for all others) and spatial embedding outputs.
  • FocalNet (from models and weights added with significant refactoring, feature extraction, no fixed resolution / sizing constraint
  • RegNet weights increased with HF hub push, SWAG, SEER, and torchvision v2 weights. SEER is pretty poor wrt to performance for model size, but possibly useful.
  • More ImageNet-12k pretrained and 1k fine-tuned timm weights:
    • rexnetr_200.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 82.6 @ 224, 83.2 @ 288
    • rexnetr_300.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 84.0 @ 224, 84.5 @ 288
    • regnety_120.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 85.0 @ 224, 85.4 @ 288
    • regnety_160.lion_in12k_ft_in1k - 85.6 @ 224, 86.0 @ 288
    • regnety_160.sw_in12k_ft_in1k - 85.6 @ 224, 86.0 @ 288 (compare to SWAG PT + 1k FT this is same BUT much lower res, blows SEER FT away)
  • Model name deprecation + remapping functionality added (a milestone for bringing 0.8.x out of pre-release). Mappings being added...
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Feb 26, 2023

  • Add ConvNeXt-XXLarge CLIP pretrained image tower weights for fine-tune & features (fine-tuning TBD) -- see model card
  • Update convnext_xxlarge default LayerNorm eps to 1e-5 (for CLIP weights, improved stability)
  • 0.8.15dev0

Feb 20, 2023

  • Add 320x320 convnext_large_mlp.clip_laion2b_ft_320 and convnext_lage_mlp.clip_laion2b_ft_soup_320 CLIP image tower weights for features & fine-tune
  • 0.8.13dev0 pypi release for latest changes w/ move to huggingface org

Feb 16, 2023

  • safetensor checkpoint support added
  • Add ideas from 'Scaling Vision Transformers to 22 B. Params' ( -- qk norm, RmsNorm, parallel block
  • Add F.scaled_dot_product_attention support (PyTorch 2.0 only) to vit_*, vit_relpos*, coatnet / maxxvit (to start)
  • Lion optimizer (w/ multi-tensor option) added (
  • gradient checkpointing works with features_only=True


PyTorch Image Models (timm) is a collection of image models, layers, utilities, optimizers, schedulers, data-loaders / augmentations, and reference training / validation scripts that aim to pull together a wide variety of SOTA models with ability to reproduce ImageNet training results.

The work of many others is present here. I've tried to make sure all source material is acknowledged via links to github, arxiv papers, etc in the README, documentation, and code docstrings. Please let me know if I missed anything.



All model architecture families include variants with pretrained weights. There are specific model variants without any weights, it is NOT a bug. Help training new or better weights is always appreciated.


Included optimizers available via create_optimizer / create_optimizer_v2 factory methods:




Several (less common) features that I often utilize in my projects are included. Many of their additions are the reason why I maintain my own set of models, instead of using others' via PIP:


Model validation results can be found in the results tables

Getting Started (Documentation)

The official documentation can be found at Documentation contributions are welcome.

Getting Started with PyTorch Image Models (timm): A Practitioner’s Guide by Chris Hughes is an extensive blog post covering many aspects of timm in detail.

timmdocs is an alternate set of documentation for timm. A big thanks to Aman Arora for his efforts creating timmdocs.

paperswithcode is a good resource for browsing the models within timm.

Train, Validation, Inference Scripts

The root folder of the repository contains reference train, validation, and inference scripts that work with the included models and other features of this repository. They are adaptable for other datasets and use cases with a little hacking. See documentation.

Awesome PyTorch Resources

One of the greatest assets of PyTorch is the community and their contributions. A few of my favourite resources that pair well with the models and components here are listed below.

Object Detection, Instance and Semantic Segmentation

Computer Vision / Image Augmentation

Knowledge Distillation

Metric Learning

Training / Frameworks



The code here is licensed Apache 2.0. I've taken care to make sure any third party code included or adapted has compatible (permissive) licenses such as MIT, BSD, etc. I've made an effort to avoid any GPL / LGPL conflicts. That said, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with licenses here and conditions of any dependent licenses. Where applicable, I've linked the sources/references for various components in docstrings. If you think I've missed anything please create an issue.

Pretrained Weights

So far all of the pretrained weights available here are pretrained on ImageNet with a select few that have some additional pretraining (see extra note below). ImageNet was released for non-commercial research purposes only ( It's not clear what the implications of that are for the use of pretrained weights from that dataset. Any models I have trained with ImageNet are done for research purposes and one should assume that the original dataset license applies to the weights. It's best to seek legal advice if you intend to use the pretrained weights in a commercial product.

Pretrained on more than ImageNet

Several weights included or references here were pretrained with proprietary datasets that I do not have access to. These include the Facebook WSL, SSL, SWSL ResNe(Xt) and the Google Noisy Student EfficientNet models. The Facebook models have an explicit non-commercial license (CC-BY-NC 4.0,, The Google models do not appear to have any restriction beyond the Apache 2.0 license (and ImageNet concerns). In either case, you should contact Facebook or Google with any questions.



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  title = {PyTorch Image Models},
  year = {2019},
  publisher = {GitHub},
  journal = {GitHub repository},
  doi = {10.5281/zenodo.4414861},
  howpublished = {\url{}}

Latest DOI


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