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Display HTML with Tkinter

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HTML widgets for tkinter

Fork of tk_html_widgets


This module is a collection of tkinter widgets whose text can be set in HTML format. A HTML widget isn't a web browser frame, it's only a simple and lightweight HTML parser that formats the tags used by the tkinter Text base class. The widgets behaviour is similar to the PyQt5 text widgets (see the PyQt5 HTML markup subset).


pip install tkhtmlview



import tkinter as tk
from tkhtmlview import HTMLLabel

root = tk.Tk()
html_label = HTMLLabel(root, html='<h1 style="color: red; text-align: center"> Hello World </H1>')
html_label.pack(fill="both", expand=True)

You can also save html in a separate .html file and then use RenderHTML to render html for widgets.

  • index.html

    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <h1>Orange is so Orange</h1>
            The orange is the fruit of various citrus species in the family Rutaceae;
            it primarily refers to Citrus × sinensis, which is also called sweet
            orange, to distinguish it from the related Citrus × aurantium, referred to
            as bitter orange.

    import tkinter as tk
    from tkhtmlview import HTMLText, RenderHTML
    root = tk.Tk()
    html_label = HTMLText(root, html=RenderHTML('index.html'))
    html_label.pack(fill="both", expand=True)



All widget classes inherits from the tkinter.Text() base class.

class HTMLScrolledText(tkinter.Text)

Text-box widget with vertical scrollbar

class HTMLText(tkinter.Text)

Text-box widget without vertical scrollbar

class HTMLLabel(tkinter.Text)

Text-box widget with label appearance

class RenderHTML

RenderHTML class will render HTML from .html file for the widgets.


def set_html(self, html, strip=True)

Description: Sets the text in HTML format.
> Args:

  • html: input HTML string
  • strip: if True (default) handles spaces in HTML-like style

def fit_height(self)

Description: Fit widget height in order to display all wrapped lines

HTML support

Only a subset of the whole HTML tags and attributes are supported (see table below). Where is possibile, I hope to add more HTML support in the next releases.

Tags Attributes Notes
a style, href
b style
code style
div style
em style
h1 style
h2 style
h3 style
h4 style
h5 style
h6 style
i style
img src, width, height experimental support for remote images
li style
mark style
ol style, type 1, a, A list types only
p style
pre style
span style
strong style
u style
ul style bullet glyphs only
table,tr,th,td - basic support

Note: All styles are not supported; align with justify is not supported; it falls back to left align


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