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Reader of binary serialized Type Language Schema

Project description

Type Language Object

Reader of binary serialized Type Language Schema

Example of result in the end of reading TLO



This code has not been tested sufficiently. It's a rewritten version of original reader in C++. If you are going to use this for code generation, please do additional tests. Recheck my implementation for errors and so on.


The Type Language (TL) was invented many years ago. It was originally used in VK, and now in Telegram. The creators of this language invented and wrote all the necessary tools to work with it. For example, a parser of the language and its binary format for serialization was developed.

What is this for?

To work with TL Schemes using OOP. To generate the client MTProto code using official TL parsers and binary formats.

Many Open Source MTProto client use their own implementation of parsers, which are not ultimatum. They are hardcoded for their minimal task.

Hardcode is not the way of Telegram. Official Telegram's Open Source projects take the right approach. So, for example, tdlib generates several interfaces for different languages and this is how it looks:

Raw TL Schema -> Tl Parser -> binary TL Object -> TLO reader -> code generator.

Step name Description
Raw TL Schema Can be founded here and in official Telegram repositories of client (tdesktop/Telegram/Resources/tl, tdlib/generate/scheme).
Tl Parser Official TL parser written in C++. Now it's a part of tdlib/td/generate/tl-parser. In the input it takes raw TL schema file. The output is TLO file.
binary TL Object The output of Tl Parser.
TLO reader This repository contains implementation of it in Python and JavaScript. Reader of binary file. Provide access to combinators, types, functions, arguments and so on via Object Oriented Programming.
code generator Any code generator. In tdlib/td/generate there is generator for C++, JNI, .NET and JSON interfaces.


For Python

pip install tlo

For JavaScript Work in progress

npm install tlo


You can find TLO files for tests here.

Python (3.6+)

from tlo import read_tl_config_from_file, read_tl_config

# use read_tl_config(data) to pass bytes directly
config = read_tl_config_from_file('td_api.tlo')

JavaScript Work in progress

import {read_tl_config_from_file, read_tl_config} from 'tlo';

// use read_tl_config(data) to pass bytes directly
const config = read_tl_config_from_file('td_api.tlo')


MIT License

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