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Project description

tnkeeh (تنقيح) is an Arabic preprocessing library for python. It was designed using re for creating quick replacement expressions for several examples.


pip install tnkeeh


  • Quick cleaning
  • Segmentation
  • Normalization
  • Data splitting


Data Cleaning

import tnkeeh as tn
tn.clean_data(file_path = 'data.txt', save_path = 'cleaned_data.txt',)


  • segment uses farasa for segmentation.
  • remove_diacritics removes all diacritics.
  • remove_special_chars removes all sepcial chars.
  • remove_english removes english alphabets and digits.
  • normalize match digits that have the same writing but different encodings.
  • remove_tatweel tatweel character ـ is used a lot in arabic writing.
  • remove_repeated_chars remove characters that appear three times in sequence.
  • remove_html_elements remove html elements in the form with their attirbutes.
  • remove_links remove links.
  • remove_twitter_meta remove twitter mentions, links and hashtags.
  • remove_long_words remove words longer than 15 chars.
  • by_chunk read files by chunks with size chunk_size.

HuggingFace datasets

import tnkeeh as tn 
from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset('metrec')

cleander = tn.Tnkeeh(remove_diacritics = True)
cleaned_dataset = cleander.clean_hf_dataset(dataset, 'text')

Data Splitting

Splits raw data into training and testing using the split_ratio

import tnkeeh as tn
tn.split_raw_data(data_path, split_ratio = 0.8)

Splits data and labels into training and testing using the split_ratio

import tnkeeh as tn
tn.split_classification_data(data_path, lbls_path, split_ratio = 0.8)

Splits input and target data with ration split_ratio. Commonly used for translation


Data Reading

Read split data, depending if it was raw or classification

import tnkeeh as tn
train_data, test_data = tn.read_data(mode = 0)


  • mode = 0 read raw data.
  • mode = 1 read labeled data.
  • mode = 2 read parallel data.


This is an open source project where we encourage contributions from the community.


MIT license.


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