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track various metrics for todoist

Project description

# todoist-tracker

This project is intended to make it easy to track various metrics for todoist,
including things like:

* how many tasks are currently OVERDUE (including today)
* how much time is allocated to currently OVERDUE (including today) tasks
* the priority level of currently OVERDUE (including today) tasks

`todoist-tracker` is a hack to make it easy to quickly gauge how "underwater"
you are and how productive you've been. It is intended to be set up as a
cronjob with a crontab entry like:

45 21 * * * todoist-tracker overdue n
45 21 * * * todoist-tracker overdue time
45 21 * * * todoist-tracker overdue priority

which runs `todoist-tracker` every night at 9:45 p.m. By default, the resulting
metrics are stored in a google spreadsheet for subsequent analysis. Depending
on the version of `requests` that is installed via python dependencies, you may
also want to use `PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore` somewhere in your crontab to avoid
being sent warnings every time the script is run.

## quick start

1. install `todoist-tracker` from pypi:
pip install todoist-tracker

1. get your todoist api token from the todoist `Settings` > `Account` > `API

1. place your todoist api token in a `todoist.json` file in the repository root
that looks like this:
"token": "your-token"

1. get your google spreadsheet credentials by following [the gspread

1. place your google spreadsheet credentials in a `google.json` file in the
repository root and add your `workbook_url` to the JSON:
"workbook_url": ""

1. :boom: For usage instructions, see
todoist-tracker -h

## development

1. instantiate virtual environment
mkvirtualenv todoist-tracker
pip install -r requirements/python-dev

1. add the `bin/` directory to your virtualenv `PATH` and the
project root to your `PYTHONPATH` with
# setup paths on virtualenv activation
echo 'export __PATH_TODOIST_TRACKER=$PATH' > ~/.virtualenvs/todoist-tracker/bin/postactivate
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:'`pwd`'/bin' >> ~/.virtualenvs/todoist-tracker/bin/postactivate
echo 'export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:'`pwd` >> ~/.virtualenvs/todoist-tracker/bin/postactivate

# setup paths on virtualenv deactivation
echo 'unset PYTHONPATH' > ~/.virtualenvs/todoist-tracker/bin/predeactivate
echo 'export PATH=$__PATH_TODOIST_TRACKER' > ~/.virtualenvs/todoist-tracker/bin/predeactivate

1. follow the quick start instructions above to get your todoist credentials.

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