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A comparison tool of Japanese tokenizers

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Toiro is a comparison tool of Japanese tokenizers.

  • Compare the processing speed of tokenizers
  • Compare the words segmented in tokenizers
  • Compare the performance of tokenizers by benchmarking application tasks (e.g., text classification)

It also provides useful functions for natural language processing in Japanese.

  • Data downloader for Japanese text corpora
  • Preprocessor of these corpora
  • Text classifier for Japanese text (e.g., SVM, BERT)


Python 3.6+ is required. You can install toiro with the following command. Janome is included in the default installation.

pip install toiro

Adding a tokenizer to toiro

If you want to add a tokenizer to toiro, please install it individually. This is an example of adding SudachiPy and nagisa to toiro.

pip install sudachipy sudachidict_core
pip install nagisa
How to install other tokenizers


pip install mecab-python3


pip install spacy ginza


pip install spacy[ja]


You need to install KyTea. Please refer to here.

pip install kytea

Juman++ v2

You need to install Juman++ v2. Please refer to here.

pip install pyknp


pip install sentencepiece


pip install fugashi ipadic


pip install fugashi unidic-lite


pip install tinysegmenter3

If you want to install all the tokonizers at once, please use the following command.

pip install toiro[all_tokenizers]

Getting started

You can check the available tokonizers in your Python environment.

from toiro import tokenizers

available_tokenizers = tokenizers.available_tokenizers()

Toiro supports 12 different Japanese tokonizers. This is an example of adding SudachiPy and nagisa.

{'nagisa': {'is_available': True, 'version': '0.2.7'},
 'janome': {'is_available': True, 'version': '0.3.10'},
 'mecab-python3': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'sudachipy': {'is_available': True, 'version': '0.4.9'},
 'spacy': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'ginza': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'kytea': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'jumanpp': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'sentencepiece': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'fugashi-ipadic': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'fugashi-unidic': {'is_available': False, 'version': False},
 'tinysegmenter': {'is_available': False, 'version': False}}

Download the livedoor news corpus and compare the processing speed of tokenizers.

from toiro import tokenizers
from toiro import datadownloader

# A list of avaliable corpora in toiro
corpora = datadownloader.available_corpus()
#=> ['livedoor_news_corpus', 'yahoo_movie_reviews', 'amazon_reviews']

# Download the livedoor news corpus and load it as pandas.DataFrame
corpus = corpora[0]
train_df, dev_df, test_df = datadownloader.load_corpus(corpus)
texts = train_df[1]

# Compare the processing speed of tokenizers
report =
#=> [1/3] Tokenizer: janome
#=> 100%|███████████████████| 5900/5900 [00:07<00:00, 746.21it/s]
#=> [2/3] Tokenizer: nagisa
#=> 100%|███████████████████| 5900/5900 [00:15<00:00, 370.83it/s]
#=> [3/3] Tokenizer: sudachipy
#=> 100%|███████████████████| 5900/5900 [00:08<00:00, 696.68it/s]
{'execution_environment': {'python_version': ' (64 bit)',
  'arch': 'X86_64',
  'brand_raw': 'Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz',
  'count': 8},
 'data': {'number_of_sentences': 5900, 'average_length': 37.69593220338983},
 'janome': {'elapsed_time': 9.114670515060425},
 'nagisa': {'elapsed_time': 15.873093605041504},
 'sudachipy': {'elapsed_time': 9.05256724357605}}

# Compare the words segmented in tokenizers
text = "都庁所在地は新宿区。"
tokenizers.print_words(text, delimiter="|")
#=>        janome: 都庁|所在地|は|新宿|区|。
#=>        nagisa: 都庁|所在|地|は|新宿|区|。
#=>     sudachipy: 都庁|所在地|は|新宿区|。

Run toiro in Docker

You can use all tokenizers by building a docker container from Docker Hub.

docker run --rm -it taishii/toiro /bin/bash
How to run the Python interpreter in the Docker container

Run the Python interpreter.

root@cdd2ad2d7092:/workspace# python3

Compare the words segmented in tokenizers

>>> from toiro import tokenizers
>>> text = "都庁所在地は新宿区。"
>>> tokenizers.print_words(text, delimiter="|")
 mecab-python3: 都庁|所在地||新宿||
        janome: 都庁|所在地||新宿||
        nagisa: 都庁|所在|||新宿||
     sudachipy: 都庁|所在地||新宿区|
         spacy: 都庁|所在|||新宿||
         ginza: 都庁|所在地||新宿区|
         kytea: 都庁|所在|||新宿||
       jumanpp: 都庁|所在|||新宿||
 sentencepiece: |||所在地||新宿||
fugashi-ipadic: 都庁|所在地||新宿||
fugashi-unidic: 都庁|所在|||新宿||
 tinysegmenter: 都庁所|在地||新宿||

Get more information about toiro

The slides at PyCon JP 2020

Tutorials in Japanese


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

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