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A small tool for PyTorch training

Project description

🔥 torchtrain 💪

A small tool for PyTorch training.


  • Avoid boilerplate code for training.
  • Stepwise training.
  • Automatic TensorBoard logging, and tqdm bar.
  • Count model parameters and save hyperparameters.
  • DataParallel.
  • Early stop.
  • Save and load checkpoint. Continue training.
  • Catch out of memory exceptions to avoid breaking training.
  • Gradient accumulation.
  • Gradient clipping.
  • Only run few epochs, steps and batches for code test.


pip install torchtrain


Check doc string of Trainer class for detailed configurations.

An incomplete minimal example:

data_iter = get_data()
model = Bert()
optimizer = Adam(model.parameters(), lr=cfg["lr"])
criteria = {"loss": AverageAggregator(BCELoss())}
trainer = Trainer(model, data_iter, criteria, cfg, optimizer)

Or this version:

from argparse import ArgumentParser

from sklearn.model_selection import ParameterGrid
from torch.optim import Adam
from torch.optim.lr_scheduler import LambdaLR
from transformers import AutoModel, BertTokenizer

from data.load import get_batch_size, get_data
from metrics import BCELoss
from models import BertSumExt
from torchtrain import Trainer
from torchtrain.metrics import AverageAggregator
from torchtrain.utils import set_random_seeds

def get_args():
    parser = ArgumentParser()
    parser.add_argument("--seed", type=int, default=233666)
    parser.add_argument("--run_ckp", default="")
    parser.add_argument("--run_dataset", default="val")
    parser.add_argument("--batch_size", type=int, default=64)
    parser.add_argument("--warmup", type=int, default=10000)
    parser.add_argument("--stepwise", action="store_false")
    # torchtrain cfgs
    parser.add_argument("--max_n", type=int, default=50000)
    parser.add_argument("--val_step", type=int, default=1000)
    parser.add_argument("--save_path", default="/tmp/runs")
    parser.add_argument("--model_name", default="BertSumExt")
    parser.add_argument("--cuda_list", default="2,3")
    parser.add_argument("--grad_accum_batch", type=int, default=1)
    parser.add_argument("--train_few", action="store_true")
    return vars(parser.parse_args())

def get_param_grid():
    param_grid = [
        {"pretrained_model_name": ["voidful/albert_chinese_tiny"], "lr": [6e-5]},
    return ParameterGrid(param_grid)

def get_cfg(args={}, params={}):
    cfg = {**args, **params}
    # other cfgs
    return cfg

def run(cfg):
    tokenizer = BertTokenizer.from_pretrained(cfg["pretrained_model_name"])
    bert = AutoModel.from_pretrained(cfg["pretrained_model_name"])
    data_iter = get_data(
        cfg["batch_size"], tokenizer, bert.config.max_position_embeddings
    model = BertSumExt(bert)
    optimizer = Adam(model.parameters(), lr=cfg["lr"])
    scheduler = LambdaLR(
        lambda step: min(step ** (-0.5), step * (cfg["warmup"] ** (-1.5)))
        if step > 0
        else 0,
    criteria = {"loss": AverageAggregator(BCELoss())}
    trainer = Trainer(
    if cfg["run_ckp"]:
        return trainer.test(cfg["run_ckp"], cfg["run_dataset"])
    return trainer.train(stepwise=cfg["stepwise"])

def main():
    param_grid = get_param_grid()
    for i, params in enumerate(param_grid):
        print("Config", str(i + 1), "/", str(len(param_grid)))
        cfg = get_cfg(get_args(), params)
        metrics = run(cfg)
        print("Best metrics:", metrics)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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