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Tornado REST API

Project description

This simple module creates CRUD endpoints for SQLAlchemy table. Its purpose to allow quickly create RESTful APIs, for example for admin panel. List endpoints support pagination and filtering. Was written for Angular’s ng-admin, so this module supports ng-admin querying out of the box


pip install tornado-alchemy-rest

Usage example

import tornado.web
from tornado.web import URLSpec
from .models import ItemTable
from tornado_alchemy_rest import SingleRESTAPIHandler, ListRESTAPIHandler

class SingleItemHandler(SingleRESTAPIHandler):
    table = ItemTable

    def delete(self, *args, **kwargs):
        raise HTTPError(405)

class ItemHandler(ListRESTAPIHandler):
    table = ItemTable

app = tornado.web.Application([
    URLSpec(prefix(r'items'), ItemHandler, dict(psql=psql_pool), 'items'),
    URLSpec(prefix(r'items/(\d+)'), SingleItemHandler, dict(psql=psql_pool), 'single_item'),

More complex example, where you can override object creation methods:

class SingleItemHandler(SingleRESTAPIHandler):
    table = TableItem

    def get_object_dict(self, *args):
        obj = yield super().get_object_dict(*args)

        cursor = yield self._execute_query( == obj['user_id']))
        obj['user'] = cursor.fetchone()
        return obj

    def put_object_dict(self, id, params):
        assert params['value'] > 5
        yield super().put_object_dict(id, params)

class ItemHandler(ListRESTAPIHandler):
    table = TableItem

    def get_object_list(self, query):
        objects = yield super().get_object_list(query)
        for obj in objects:
            cursor = yield self._execute_query( == obj['user_id']))
            obj['user'] = cursor.fetchone()
        raise gen.Return(objects)

    def post_object_dict(self, params):
        assert params['value'] > 5
        yield super().post_object_dict(params)


To get second page with ordering by id DESC you need to do that query:

GET /item?_page=2&_perPage=30&_sortField=id&_sortDir=DESC

To get all items, where name contains “test” and type is 5 and value is 7 or 6, you will need that query:

GET /item?_filters={"name__contains":"test", "type":5, "value__any":[7,6]}

Query params

  • _page – page name

  • _perPage – rows per page

  • _sortField – field to order by

  • _sortDir – direction to sort by

  • _filters – filter items with given params. Currently supported filters are: “” (equality), startswith, contains, icontains, any, ne

Join support

That will return data from both tables at some time:

class SingleItemHandler(SingleRESTAPIHandler):
    table = TableItem

    def get_from(self):
        return self.table.join(TableUser, isouter=True)


tornado, sqlalchemy

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