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A simple logger for Toto

Project description

Toto Logger

This library standardizes the way that toto microservices will log information.

Logs in toto have the following structure:

> [correlationID] - [logType] - [logLevel] - Message


  • correlationID should be always present for apis and reactive microservices and is the identifier that can be used to track the flow of data through sync and async calls
  • logType is the type of log. The following log types are accepted:
    • api-in - reserved - to be used only when receiving an API call. This log type must be used only once and only at the moment the API call is received: it shouldn't be used for subsequent log entries. It is only used to record the fact that an API call has been received!
    • api-out - reserved - to be used only when making an outbound API call.
    • event-in - reserved - to be used only when receiving an Event. Same logic applies as for the api-* log type.
    • event-out - reserved - to be used only when publishing an Event. Same logic applies as for the api-* log type.
    • compute - can be used for any log happening during the computation that results from the receiving an event or an api call.
  • logLevel is the level of the log. Should only be:
    • debug - only used for debugging purposes
    • info - used for standard info logging
    • warn - used to log warnings
    • error - used to log errors

How to use it

Instantiate it:

from TotoLogger import TotoLogger

logger = TotoLogger()

Log, based on the type of log

logger.api_in(correlation_id, method, path);
logger.api_out(correlation_id, microservice, method, path);
logger.event_in(correlation_id, topic);
logger.event_out(correlation_id, topic);
logger.compute(correlation_id, message, log_level);

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