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  • After installation, you can run this package directly in command line. Launching it without arguments starts it in interactive mode:

Sample output:

Github|⇒ transfer_files
Enter path to file or directory: ./sysinfo
Creating zipfile from files in... /home/path/to/directory/sysinfo
Added file:
Added file:  cython_tut.pyx
Added file:
Added file:  build
Added file:
Added file:  primes.c
Added file:  .idea
Added file:  fib.c
Added file:
Added file:  fib.pyx
Added file:  primes.pyx
Added file:  cython_tut.c
Added file:

Sending zipfile: (size of the file: 0.407897 MB)
Link to download zipfile(will be saved till 2017-09-16):
Could not save metadata

Link copied to clipboard
Remove archive? (y/n, yes/no):yes
Removing file... /home/path/to/directory/sysinfo/
  • Besides that, you can start it with arguments:

    -i –interactive - keys that will start app with prompts (same as running it without arguments)

    -d –directory - enter path to directory (relative or absolute), which files will be sent in an archive

    -f –file - same as –directory, but enter path to file

    —ra –rm-archive - delete created archive, after it was sent

    –rf –rm-file - delete file after it was sent

    -h –help - display help message

Sample output

transfer.sh_client|dev⚡ ⇒ transfer_files -f test.txt --rf

Sending file: /home/path/to/directory/transfer.sh_client/test.txt (size of the file: 0.000113 MB)
Link to download file(will be saved till 2017-09-16):
Link copied to clipboard
Removing file... /home/path/to/directory/transfer.sh_client/test.txt

Example of usage inside scripts

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from import send_to_transfersh, create_zip, remove_file

def send_files_from_dir():
    directory = './'
    zip_file = create_zip(directory)  # creates zip archive and returns it's absolute path
    send_to_transfersh(zip_file)  # sends archive to
    remove_file(zip_file)  # removes it

if __name__ == '__main__':


pip3 install transfersh_client


  • pyperclip

  • requests

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