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A translation package

Project description

python27 python35 Chinese Version

translation is a python translation package based on website service.

It provids google, youdao, baidu, iciba translation service.


pip install translation


from translation import baidu, google, youdao, iciba

print(google('hello world!', dst = 'zh-CN'))
print(google('hello world!', dst = 'ru'))
print(baidu('hello world!', dst = 'zh'))
print(baidu('hello world!', dst = 'ru'))
print(youdao('hello world!', dst = 'zh-CN'))
print(iciba('hello world!', dst = 'zh'))
print(bing('hello world!', dst = 'zh-CHS'))


You may find document here

Advanced usage


You may not use some of the function without proxies.

Proxies can be set as following.

from translation import google, ConnectError

# is a vaild proxies
    print(google('hello world!', dst = 'zh-CN', proxies = {'http': ''}))
except ConnectError:
    print('Invaild proxy')


You may change default setting such as:

  • default source language (auto if not set)

  • default destination language (zh-CN if not set)

  • default translation (youdao if not set)

  • default proxies (no proxy if not set)

from translation import (set_default_translation, set_default_language,
    set_default_proxies, get, ConnectError)

set_default_language('auto', 'zh-CN')
set_default_proxies({'http': ''})
    print(get('hello world!'))
except ConnectError:
    print('Invaild proxy')


More functions are introduced in the document.


Language list of all the translation are provided in document.

Somehow, iciba and youdao can only provide English translation.


el    : Greek,
eo    : Esperanto,
en    : English,
af    : Afrikaans,
sw    : Swahili,
ca    : Catalan,
it    : Italian,
iw    : Hebrew,
sv    : Swedish,
cs    : Czech,
cy    : Welsh,
ar    : Arabic,
ur    : Urdu,
ga    : Irish,
eu    : Basque,
et    : Estonian,
az    : Azerbaijani,
id    : Indonesian,
es    : Spanish,
ru    : Russian,
gl    : Galician,
nl    : Dutch,
pt    : Portuguese,
la    : Latin,
tr    : Turkish,
tl    : Filipino,
lv    : Latvian,
lt    : Lithuanian,
th    : Thai,
vi    : Vietnamese,
gu    : Gujarati,
ro    : Romanian,
is    : Icelandic,
pl    : Polish,
ta    : Tamil,
yi    : Yiddish,
be    : Belarusian,
fr    : French,
bg    : Bulgarian,
uk    : Ukrainian,
hr    : Croatian,
bn    : Bengali,
sl    : Slovenian,
ht    : Haitian Creole,
da    : Danish,
fa    : Persian,
hi    : Hindi,
fi    : Finnish,
hu    : Hungarian,
ja    : Japanese,
ka    : Georgian,
te    : Telugu,
zh-TW : Chinese Traditional,
sq    : Albanian,
no    : Norwegian,
ko    : Korean,
kn    : Kannada,
mk    : Macedonian,
zh-CN : Chinese Simplified,
sk    : Slovak,
mt    : Maltese,
de    : German,
ms    : Malay,
sr    : Serbian


If you have any problem or suggestion, you may contact me in this issue.

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