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A simple trio-compatible wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities.

Project description

\$ trio-click\_

What's Trio-Click?

Trio-Click ist a fork of Click that works well with Trio, asyncio, or

Click is a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces
in a composable way with as little code as necessary. It's the "Command
Line Interface Creation Kit". It's highly configurable but comes with
sensible defaults out of the box.

It aims to make the process of writing command line tools quick and fun
while also preventing any frustration caused by the inability to
implement an intended CLI API.

Click in three points:

- Arbitrary nesting of commands
- Automatic help page generation
- Supports lazy loading of subcommands at runtime


Install and update using `pip`_:

.. code-block:: text

$ pip install trio-click

Trio-Click supports Python 3.5 and newer, and PyPy3.

.. _pip:

A Simple Example

What does it look like? Here is an example of a simple Click program:

.. code-block:: python

import anyio
import trio_click as click

@click.option("--count", default=1, help="Number of greetings.")
@click.option("--name", prompt="Your name",
help="The person to greet.")
async def hello(count, name):
"""Simple program that greets NAME for a total of COUNT times."""
for x in range(count):
if x: await anyio.sleep(0.1)
click.echo("Hello, %s!" % name)

if __name__ == '__main__':
hello(_anyio_backend="trio") # or asyncio, or curio

.. note::
Trio-Click automagically starts an anyio event loop and runs your
code asynchronously.

And what it looks like when run:

.. code-block:: text

$ python --count=3
Your name: Click
Hello, Click!
Hello, Click!
Hello, Click!


The Pallets organization develops and supports Click and other popular
packages. In order to grow the community of contributors and users, and
allow the maintainers to devote more time to the projects, `please
donate today`_.

.. _please donate today:

The Trio-Click fork is maintained by Matthias Urlichs <>.
It's not a lot of work, so if you'd like to motivate me, donate to the
charity of your choice and tell me that you've done so. ;-)


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* License: `BSD <>`_
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