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Python 3 API that allows interactive access to the TeamSpeak 3 Server Query interface.

Project description

Simple Python API for the Teamspeak 3 Server Query API

Python Package Building CodeQL Pylint

Python 3 API that allows interactive access to the Teamspeak 3 Server Query interface.


Either clone the GitHub repository and use local imports, or install it via pip:

pip install ts3API

If you want to use SSH connections also install the optional dependency Paramiko:

pip install paramiko

Code Example

from ts3API.TS3Connection import TS3Connection
import ts3API.Events as Events

HOST = "serverhost"
PORT = 10011 # Default Port
USER = 'serveradmin' # Default login
PASS = 'password'
DEFAULTCHANNEL = 'Botchannel-or-any-other'
SID = 1 # Virtual server id
NICKNAME = "aName"

def on_event(sender, **kw):
    Event handling method
    # Get the parsed event from the dictionary
    event = kw["event"]
    # This generates output for every event. Remove the comment if you want more output
    for attr, value in event.__dict__.items():
        print("\t"+attr+":", value)
    if isinstance(event, Events.ClientBannedEvent):
        print("Client was banned!")
        print("\tClient ID:", event.client_id)
        print("\tReason Message:", event.reason_msg)
        print("\tInvokerID:", event.invoker_id)
        print("\tInvokerName:", event.invoker_name)
        print("\tBantime:", event.ban_time)
    if isinstance(event, Events.ClientKickedEvent):
        print("Client was kicked!")
        print("\tClient ID:", event.client_id)
        print("\tReason Message:", event.reason_msg)
        print("\tInvokerID:", event.invoker_id)
        print("\tInvokerName:", event.invoker_name)

    if isinstance(event, Events.ClientLeftEvent):
        print("Client left!")
        print("\tClient ID:", event.client_id)
        print("\tReason Message:", event.reason_msg)
    if type(event) is Events.TextMessageEvent:
        # Prevent the client from sending messages to itself
        if event.invoker_id != int(ts3conn.whoami()["client_id"]):
            ts3conn.sendtextmessage(targetmode=1, target=event.invoker_id, msg="I received your message!")

# Connect to the Query Port
ts3conn = TS3Connection(HOST, PORT)
# Login with query credentials
ts3conn.login(USER, PASS)
# Choose a virtual server
# Find the channel to move the query client to
channel = ts3conn.channelfind(pattern=DEFAULTCHANNEL)[0]["cid"]
# Give the Query Client a name
# Move the Query client
ts3conn.clientmove(channel, int(ts3conn.whoami()["client_id"]))
# Register for server wide events
# Register for private messages
# Register for channel message in botchannel
ts3conn.register_for_channel_events(channel, on_event) 
# Start the loop to send connection keepalive messages

For a more elaborated example of this API see the ts3Bot project:

Calling functions not explicitly implemented

Thanks to Chrisg2000's contribution, the API implements any command accepted by a TeamSpeak3 server. You can call any command mentionend in the server query manual (should come with you server installation) using keyword arguments, even if it's not explicitly implemented in code. See this code snippet for example:

servergroupaddclient(sgid=servergroup_id, cldbid=client_db_id)  

The servergroupaddclient command is not currently implemented explicitly. However, you can still call it if you know the parameters it need (sgid and cldbid).


For general troubleshooting please also have a look at the troubleshooting section in If any questions remain, feel free to open an issue.

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