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Generate fake data conforming to a Table Schema

Project description

Generate tabular fake data conforming to a Table Schema.

tsfaker library is available on PyPI.

This library was originally developed to generate a synthetic version of SNDS database, which contains hundreds of tables, hence tsfaker efficiently deals with foreign keys.

Notes :

We aim to generate fake data conforming to a schema, not fake data with realistic statistical information (see Related work section).

This library is in beta and subject to frequent changes (see Releases notes section).



$ pip3 install tsfaker

Simple usage

Generate 3 rows of fake data from a single table schema file.

$ tsfaker  --nrows 3 --pretty
  boolean         string            number      integer        date              datetime  year yearmonth
0       1  haHoKysholbSI    9780230269.512  -7061309068  1914-10-03  1902-04-11T11:21:11Z  1939    196405
1       0      rLugGhNek    990894536.8945   2529879443  2026-09-08  2015-11-27T16:21:54Z  1932    192909
2       1         ipqVXm  -4371053960.8987   -529880373  1994-09-27  1937-01-12T18:40:15Z  2021    193303

Advanced usage

Show help message.

$ tsfaker --help

Download examples schemas from project schema-snds.

$ git clone && cd schema-snds

Generate fake data for all schemas in a schemas folder using csv files in nomenclatures folder, and write them to fake_data folder.

$ mkdir fake_data
$ tsfaker schemas -o fake_data -r nomenclatures
2019-01-01 00:00:00 :: INFO :: Data generated from descriptor 'schemas/PMSI/PMSI MCO/T_MCOaa_nnE.json' will be written on 'fake_data/PMSI/PMSI MCO/T_MCOaa_nnE.csv'
2019-01-01 00:00:00 :: INFO :: Data generated from descriptor 'schemas/PMSI/PMSI MCO/T_MCOaa_nnFASTC.json' will be written on 'fake_data/PMSI/PMSI MCO/T_MCOaa_nnFASTC.csv'
2019-01-01 00:00:00 :: INFO :: Data generated from descriptor 'schemas/PMSI/PMSI SSR/T_SSRaa_nnE.json' will be written on 'fake_data/PMSI/PMSI SSR/T_SSRaa_nnE.csv'

Release notes

Version 0.14

  • [Fix] Update command line default value to match Click library version >=8.0

Version 0.13

  • [Fix] Adapt maximum default integer value to local system

Version 0.12

  • It is possible to specify trueValues and falseValues for boolean type (according to TableSchema standard)

  • Only one item is accepted in trueValues and falseValues arrays

  • It is possible to specify a format for types date and datetime

Version 0.11

  • yearmonth type does not follow ISO 8601 format ‘YYYY-MM’ and is now generated without a dash ‘YYYYMM’

Version 0.10

  • boolean type is implemented, default values for this type are 0 for False and 1 for True

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