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Python wrapper to ttvfast

Project description


Simon Walker <>

A Python wrapper around Katherine Deck’s TTVFast C program (


Install from pypi:

pip install ttvfast

or download and compile the code with

python build_ext --inplace

For the latest development version, install with pip:

pip install git+

or clone from git:

git clone
cd ttvfast-python
git submodule init
git submodule update # grabs code from TTVFast

then test that everything built properly using:

$ py.test
============================== test session starts ===============================
testing/ .
testing/ ...
testing/ ...
testing/ ...


To compute the TTV properties for one or more planets:

  • build a ttvfast.models.Planet instance (see the class documentation for required parameters)

  • pass a list of the planets in the system to ttvfast.ttvfast along with:

    • the stellar mass in units of solar mass,

    • the start point of the integration in days,

    • the time step for the integration in days,

    • and the end point for integration in days.

The function ttvfast.ttvfast returns a dictionary containing positions and rv. The positions entry is a tuple of:

  1. a list of integer indices for which values correspond to which planet,

  2. a list of integers defining the epoch,

  3. a list of times,

  4. a list of rsky values, and

  5. a list of vsky values.

The optional rv_times parameter takes a list of RV times on which the RV is to be calculated. If so the rv entry in the output dictionary is populated with a list of RV values, and otherwise None.

For more details, see the original C module’s documentation:


If you use this code, please cite Deck, Agol, Holman, & Nesvorny (2014), ApJ, 787, 132, arXiv:1403.1895.

-Katherine Deck, Eric Agol, Matt Holman, & David Nesvorny

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