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Collection of utils for handling Telegram Open Network Virtual Machine value types

Project description

TVM value types

Telegram Open Network Virtual Machine has 7 value types:

  1. Integer
  2. Cell
  3. Tuple
  4. Null
  5. Slice
  6. Builder
  7. Continuation

This library is collection of utilits for handling those types.

Cell and Slice

tvm_valuetypes.cell has class Cell and functions to work with cells: deserialize_boc, cell.serialize_boc, cell.serialize_to_object, cell.serialize_to_json, deserialize_cell_from_json

from tvm_valuertypes.cell import Cell, deserialize_boc
serialized_cell = bytes.fromhex("B5EE9C72410102010007000102000100024995C5FE15")
cell1 = deserialize_boc(serialized_c1)
serialization_with_index = cell1.serialize_boc(has_idx=True, hash_crc32=True, has_cache_bits=False, flags=0 )
cell2 = deserialize_boc(serialized_c2)
cell2 == cell1

HashMaps (Dictionaries)

Cell may represent special 'virtual' value type, HashMap, which can be used for storing key-value container in the Cell.

tvm_valuetypes.dict_utils has special method parse_hashmap for dealing with hashmaps. Note the difference between Hashmap and HashmapE.

from tvm_valuertypes.cell import Cell
from tvm_valuertypes.dict_utils import parse_hashmap
test_dict = bytes.fromhex("B5EE9C7241010A01002D00020120010202014803040003FC0202014805060003F5FE02014807080003DB24020120090900035FF800030020CB8CA892")
dict_cell = deserialize_boc(test_dict)
parsed_dict = {}
parse_hashmap(dict_cell, 8, parsed_dict)

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