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Handlers and helpers for Twiggy logging library.

Project description


Here you’ll find some useful addons to [Twiggy], pythonic logger. These addons help to use Twiggy with third-party libraries, which use standart library’s [logging][].

Main target was to create convenient way to write log items which are grouped by some request identifier. Twiggy already supports it by it’s fields method, but sometimes it is too inconvenient to pass logger object around. That is why I take idea of a threadlocal loggers stack from the [logbook][] and implemented it for twiggy.

Here is example how to use it:

from twiggy_goodies.setup import setup_logging from twiggy_goodies.threading import log

def some_function():‘inner function does not accept logger’)‘but uses same field as caller’)

setup_logging(None)‘before request’)

with log.fields(request_id=’foo’):‘bar has happened’) some_function()‘after request, id gone’)

Output will be, as expected:

2014-04-14T18:29:02Z:INFO:before request 2014-04-14T18:29:02Z:INFO:request_id=foo:bar has happened 2014-04-14T18:29:02Z:INFO:request_id=foo:inner function does not accept logger 2014-04-14T18:29:02Z:INFO:request_id=foo:but uses same field as caller 2014-04-14T18:29:02Z:INFO:after request, id gone

Same way, logger name could be changed, just replace fields context manager to name.

There is no dark magick behind the scene:

  1. setup_logging does simple setup and redirects all output from standart logging to twiggy.

  2. log object is proxies all logging methods to a topmost logger on the thread-local stack.

  3. fields and name context managers just create a new logger as original twiggy’s methods and put it on thread-local stack.

That is it.

Some other goodies

  • twiggy_goodies.syslog contains SysLogOutput.

  • twiggy_goodies.json contains JsonOutput, useful to pass data to logstash.

  • twiggy_goodies.logstash contains LogstashOutput, which sends messages directly to Logstash’s UDP port.

  • twiggy_goodies.django_rq contains job decorator, which groups all messages logged from one task, using UUID.

  • twiggy_goodies.django contains LogMixin class which could be mixed to any management command, to group all logged messages by single UUID.

  • twiggy_goodies.django also contains LogMiddleware, to do the same as LogMixin, but for each http request.

[Twiggy]: [logging]: [logbook]:

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