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Automate Twitter Stream data collection

Project description

Twistream: Twitter Stream API data collection

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Twistream helps you automatically collect and store data from Twitter Stream API.


Latest stable release:

pip install twistream

From source:

git clone
cd twistream
pip install .

Setting up

Twitter credentials

You need your twitter credentials in order to be able to use Twitter API. For that, create an application here. Once created, save the credentials to configure twistream

Create a configuration file

You can use the command twistream init to help you create a correctly formatted configuration file for your collections.

Once created, you will have a file that will luke like this:

~> cat ~/.twistream/twistream.yml      

  consumer_key: your_consumer_key                   
  consumer_secret: your_consumer_secret             
  access_token_key: your_access_token_key             
  access_token_secret: your_access_token_secret       

backend: backend_name                  

    username: db_username
    password: db_password


Remember that --help is always an available option

Once created a configuration file, start collecting tweets!

twistream collect --tracks tracks,to,follow config.yaml

Refer to the twitter documentation to know what tracks are, in short:

A comma-separated list of phrases which will be used to determine what Tweets will be delivered on the stream. A phrase may be one or more terms separated by spaces, and a phrase will match if all of the terms in the phrase are present in the Tweet, regardless of order and ignoring case. By this model, you can think of commas as logical ORs, while spaces are equivalent to logical ANDs (e.g. ‘the twitter’ is the AND twitter, and ‘the,twitter’ is the OR twitter).

If what you want is to follow hashtags, don't forget to include the # character.

Supported backends

From version 0.1.3, twistream supports two backends. A relational database (SQLite) and a no-sql database (MongoDB).

NOTE that the SQLite backend will only save a couple of tweet fields, whilst the MongoDB backend will save the whole blob. It is a trade off between information and storage space.

Backend params format

backend: sqlite

    db_path: /path/to/your/db
backend: mongodb

    db_string: database_connection_string

(See database connection string documentation)

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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