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Finds and highlights text in documents

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txtmarker: Highlight text in documents

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txtmarker highlights text in documents. txtmarker takes a list of (name, text) pairs, scan an input document and creates a modified version with highlights embedded.

Current file formats supported:

  • pdf


The easiest way to install is via pip and PyPI

pip install txtmarker

You can also install txtmarker directly from GitHub. Using a Python Virtual Environment is recommended.

pip install git+

Python 3.6+ is supported


The examples directory has a series of examples and notebooks giving an overview of txtmarker. See the list of notebooks below.


Notebook Description
Introducing txtmarker Overview of the functionality provided by txtmarker Open In Colab
Highlighting with Transformers AI-driven highlighting with Transformers Open In Colab


The following section gives an overview of highlighters and available methods/configuration. See the notebooks above for detailed examples.

Create a new highlighter

from txtmarker.factory import Factory
highlighter = Factory.create("pdf")


extension: string

Type of highlighter to create (i.e. pdf)

Optional constructor arguments:


formatter: callable

Formats queries and input text using this method. Helps with cleanup of files with lots of symbols and other content.


chunks: int

Splits queries into multiple chunks. This is designed for very long text matches.

Highlight text

highlighter.highlight("input.pdf", "output.pdf", [("name", "text to highlight")])


infile: string

Full path to input file


outfile: string

Full path to output file, i.e. the highlighted file


highlights: list of (string, string|regex)

List of highlight elements. Each pair has a name (can be None) and text value. The text can either be a string or a regular expression.

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