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JSON decoding for Python with type hinting (PEP 484)

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JSON decoding for Python with type hinting (PEP 484).

Requirements and Restrictions

  • Python >= 3.6
  • Mypy <= 0.770
  • Use non-generic or parameterized class to decode JSON.
  • Use type hints without forward references.


  • Support decoding types as below:
    • primitive types like str, int, float, bool and None.
    • Union and Optional.
    • homogeneous and heterogeneous Tuple and List.
    • variable-length Tuple.
    • non-generic and parameterized dataclasses.
  • Support API like json.load and json.loads.


from typing import Optional

import typedjson
from dataclasses import dataclass

class NameJson:
    first: str
    last: Optional[str]

class CatJson:
    id: str
    age: int
    name: Optional[NameJson]

json = {
    'id': 'test-cat',
    'age': 13,
    'name': {
        'first': 'Jiji',

print(typedjson.decode(CatJson, json))  # Output: CatJson(id='test-cat', age=13, name=NameJson(first='Jiji', last=None))

print(typedjson.decode(CatJson, {}))  # Output: DecodingError(TypeMismatch(('id',)))

Please refer to test codes for more detail.


Please read


  • Prohibit decoding Set and Dict explicitly.
  • Provide the API document.
  • Explain why typedjson uses undocumented APIs.
  • Explain what typedjson resolves.
  • Improve API to dump like json.dump and json.dumps.
    • Provide mypy plugin to check whether the class is encodable as JSON or not with @typedjson.encodable decorator.
  • Improve the peformance of typedjson.decode.
  • Support type hints with forward reference.
  • Support TypedDict.

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