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A module containing helpers and shared code related to identity systems within UIS, University of Cambridge.

Project description

Identity Lib

This Python package contains shared code related to Identity systems within UIS. It's primary purpose is to encourage code-reuse and to allow for client systems to make use of the same data structures and logic that is contained within our emergent identity APIs.


Install ucam-identitylib using pip:

pip install ucam-identitylib

The module can then be used as identitylib:

from identitylib.identifiers import Identifier

identifier = Identifier.from_string('')

Developer quickstart

This project depends on poetry & poe:

pipx install poetry
pipx inject poetry poethepoet[poetry_plugin]

This project contains a dockerized testing environment which wraps tox.

Tests can be run using the tox poe command:

# Run all PyTest tests and Flake8 checks
$ poetry poe tox

# Run PyTest and Flake8 and recreate test environments
$ poetry poe tox --recreate

# Run just PyTest
$ poetry poe tox -e py3

# Run a single test file within PyTest
$ poetry poe tox -e py3 -- tests/

# Run a single test file within PyTest with verbose logging
$ poetry poe tox -e py3 -- tests/ -vvv

Pulling latest specs from source repositories

Local copies of the OpenAPI specs used to generate the library should be pulled in to this repo so the specific specs used in each build are under revision control. This can be done using the provided poe command:

$ poetry poe pull-specs

# If an access token required for https clones from gitlab repositories
# then this can be specified using:
$ poetry poe pull-specs --token "ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE"

# You may need to first set the $USER environment variable to match the GitLab account name.

Generating the identitylib

The identitylib is generated during the docker build process. To create a local copy of the identitylib distribution use the poe command:

$ poetry poe build-local

This will create a new folder /dist in the current directory with the wheel and tar package for identitylib.

Interactive testing

An interactive testing environment is provided to smoke-test any changes to the identitylib against staging or local instances of the APIs. Note that to test local instance you will need to set the URL in the config file to host.docker.internal:<PORT NUMBER> on linux.

To set up the interactive testing environment, copy the scripts/api-loader-config.yaml.example file to scripts/api-loader-config.yaml and populate with valid API key/secret pairs for any of the APIs you wish to test.

Run the interactive test environment against the latest test release (i.e. uploaded to of the library using the poe command:

$ poetry poe interactive-test

To run the interactive tests using a local copy of identitylib from the dist directory:

$ poetry poe interactive-test:local --source dist/ucam_identitylib-1.7.0-py3-none-any.whl

will build the interactive environment from a local wheel stored in the dist directory.

Once the environment is active you can load up test instances and manipulate them using the python interactive console. The LOADER global variable contains a helper class which reads the config file and generates clients based off it:

# Docker build output...
>>> config, client, inst = LOADER.load_card()
>>> inst.v1beta1_cards_list()
... # Output printed to the screen

Use the builtin help command to view info on the LOADER, and the returned api_inst objects that can be used to make requests.

You can view the structure of the generated identitylib package using the get_module_structure function:

>>> import identitylib
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(get_module_structure(identitylib))

Project details

Download files

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ucam_identitylib-3.3.0.tar.gz (227.3 kB view hashes)

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ucam_identitylib-3.3.0-py3-none-any.whl (714.5 kB view hashes)

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