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Removable disk automounter for udisks

Project description

Version License: MIT Translations

udiskie is a udisks2 front-end that allows to manage removable media such as CDs or flash drives from userspace.


Its features include:

  • automount removable media

  • notifications

  • tray icon

  • command line tools for manual un-/mounting

  • LUKS encrypted devices

  • unlocking with keyfiles (requires udisks 2.6.4)

  • loop devices (mounting iso archives)

  • password caching (requires python keyutils 0.3)

All features can be individually enabled or disabled.

NOTE: support for python2 and udisks1 have been removed. If you need a version of udiskie that supports python2, please check out the 1.7.X releases or the maint-1.7 branch.


udiskie is developed on github. Feel free to contribute patches as pull requests here. If you don’t have nor want a github account, you can send me the relevant files via email.

Further resources:


Translations by users are always welcome. The corresponding files are in the lang subfolder. In order to create a new translation, find out the locale name for your language, e.g. es_ES for Spanish, and create a translation file in the lang folder as follows:

cd lang
make es_ES.po

or simply copy the udiskie.pot to a .po file with the name of the target locale and start editing. It’s also best to fill in your name and email address.

The translations may become outdated as udiskie changes. If you notice an outdated translation, please edit the corresponding .po file in submit a patch, even for very small changes.

In order to test udiskie with your locally edited translation files, type (still from the lang folder):

export TEXTDOMAINDIR=$PWD/../build/locale
export LANG=es_ES.UTF-8

make mo




Date: 27.01.2024

  • drop external dependency on distutils (#278)

  • rename --notify-command to --event-hook to prevent misunderstandings (#279)


Date: 23.11.2023

  • fix default install location for bash completion scripts (#275)

  • fix zsh completion for device names with spaces (#253)


Date: 03.10.2023

  • add bash completions for CLI options (thanks @oersen)

  • updates for translations

  • added German translation

  • add bright outlines for wayland icons in dark themes

  • ignore snap loop devices by default

  • maintenance on CI workflows

  • fix KeyError when properties are invalidated multiple times (#272)


Date: 01.03.2022

  • add support for AyatanaAppIndicator3

  • update Turkish translation

  • fix some documentation typos and errors


Date: 02.02.2022

  • setup loop devices in read-write mode if sufficient permissions are available


Date: 30.11.2021

  • add icon name that is specifically designed for tray panel

  • add Turkish translations (thanks @ersen0!)

  • try to detect installed translation files also in non-system installations

  • make it possible to override localedir manually using the TEXTDOMAINDIR environment variable

  • add guide on how to contribute translations and improve the Makefile


Date: 05.03.2021

  • fix: buttons in “device-added” notifications always mounting the last partition instead of the selected one


Date: 27.01.2021

  • fix incorrect use of wayland settings (appindicator+workarounds) within X session, if a wayland session is or was active under the same user (even if that was in a different login session)

  • fix incorrect display of image menu items under X due to caching


Date: 27.01.2021

  • add workaround for missing menu checkboxes on sway/wayland

  • add workaround for menu not showing up with proper size on sway/wayland

  • distribute icons within udiskie package (allows displaying icons in local/venv installations)

  • fix ignored coroutine return values, fixes e.g. program exit code


Date: 22.01.2021

  • don’t swallow STDOUT for notify-commands

  • default to appindicator if tray is requested under wayland

  • don’t auto-disable tray when running in “pure” wayland session

  • set window role on the password dialog


Date: 07.05.2020

  • add Italian translation

  • remove unneeded xdg from optional dependencies

  • fix a typo in Spanish translation and update russian translation files


Date: 17.04.2020

  • handle XDG_CONFIG_HOME variable without external pyxdg dependency

  • silence warning when using AppIndicator

  • make --appindicator sufficient to show icon (previously additionally required --tray)

  • improve wording in password dialog “Remember” -> “Cache”

  • make some of the logging more concise

  • fix recursive adding/removing of some child devices:
    • fix incorrect root device detection for devices without Drive property (e.g. children of loop devices)

    • fix --detach option when applied to partitions of loop devices


Date: 02.02.2020

  • fix some typos (thanks @torstehu, #197)

  • change how device rules are evaluated: lookup undecided rules on parent device (fixes issue with filters not applying to subdevices of a matched device, see #198)

  • change builtin rules to not show loop devices with HintIgnore, see #181

  • change how is_external attribute is compute: use the value from udisks directly (fixes issue with is_external property not behaving as expected, see #185)

  • add ‘skip’ keyword for rules to skip evaluation of further rules on this device, and continue directly on the parent


Date: 21.01.2020

  • fix user commands that output non-utf8 data


Date: 20.01.2020

  • fix exception when using non-device parameters with DeviceCommand (e.g. in –notify-command)


Date: 30.12.2019

  • hotfix for automounting being broken since 2.0.0


Date: 28.12.2019

  • use importlib.resources directly on py3.7 and above, rather than requiring importlib_resources as additional dependency


Date: 26.12.2019

  • require python >= 3.5

  • drop python2 support

  • drop udisks1 support

  • drop command line options corresponding to udisks version selection (-1, -2)

  • use py35’s async def functions – improving stack traces upon exception

  • internal refactoring and simplifications

  • add “show password” checkbox in password dialog


Date: 17.02.2019

  • keep password dialog always on top

  • fix stdin-based password prompts


Date: 17.02.2019

  • add russian translations (thanks @mr-GreyWolf)

  • fixed deprecation warnings in (thanks @sealj553)


Date: 24.05.2018

  • fix “NameError: ‘Async’ is not defined” when starting without tray icon


Date: 17.05.2018

  • fix attribute error when using options in udiskie-mount (#159)

  • fix tray in appindicator mode (#156)

  • possibly fix non-deterministic bugs (due to garbage collection) by keeping global reference to all active asyncs


Date: 13.12.2017

  • temporary workaround for udisks2.7 requiring filesystem-mount-system when trying to mount a LUKS cleartext device diretcly after unlocking


Date: 18.10.2017

  • officially deprecate udisks1

  • officially deprecate python2 (want python >= 3.5)

  • fix startup crash on py2

  • fix exception when inserting LUKS device if --password-prompt or udisks1 is used

  • fix minor problem with zsh autocompletion


Date: 02.10.2017

  • add an “open keyfile” button to the password dialog

  • add warning if mounting device without ntfs-3g (#143)

  • fix problem with LVM devices


Date: 26.03.2017

  • add joined device_config list in the config file

  • deprecate mount_options and ignore_device in favor of device_config

  • can configure automount per device using the new device_config [#107]

  • can configure keyfiles (requires udisks 2.6.4) [#66]

  • remove mailing list


Date: 06.03.2017

  • Show losetup/quit actions only in ex-menu

  • Show note in menu if no devices are found


Date: 24.02.2017

  • add format strings for the undocumented udiskie-info utility

  • speed up autocompletion times, for udiskie-mount by about a factor three, for udiskie-umount by about a factor 10


Date: 22.02.2017

  • fix crash on startup if config file is empty

  • add --notify-command to notify external programs (@jgraef) [#127]

  • can enable/disable automounting via special right-click menu [#98]

  • do not explicitly specify filesystem when mounting [#131]


Date: 03.06.2016

  • fix unicode issue that occurs on python2 when stdout is redirected (in particular for zsh autocompletion)


Date: 03.06.2016

  • make systray menu flat (use udiskie --tray --menu smart to request the old menu) [#119]

  • extend support for loop devices (requires UDisks2) [#101]

  • support ubuntu/unity AppIndicator backend for status icon [#59]

  • add basic utility to obtain info on block devices [#122]

  • add zsh completions [#26]

  • improve UI menu labels for devices

  • fix error when force-ejecting device [#121]

  • respect configured ignore-rules in udiskie-umount

  • fix error message for empty task lists [#123]


Date: 15.05.2016

  • log INFO events to STDOUT (#112)

  • fix exception in notifications when action is not available. This concerns the retry button in the job_failed notification, as well as the browse action in the device_mounted notification (#117)

  • don’t show ‘browse’ action in tray menu if unavailable


Date: 13.05.2016

  • protect password dialog against garbage collection (which makes the invoking coroutine hang up and not unlock the device)

  • fix add_all/remove_all operations: only consider leaf/root devices within the handleable devices hierarchy:

  • avoid considering the same device twice (#114)

  • makes sure every handleable device is considered at all in remove_all


Date: 11.05.2016

  • signal failing mount/unmount operations with non-zero exit codes (#110)

  • suppress notifications for unhandled devices

  • add rules for docker devices marking them unhandled to avoid excessive notifications (#113)

  • allow mounting/unmounting using UUID (#90)

  • prevent warning when starting without X session (#102)

  • can now match against wildcards in config rules (#49)


Date: 02.04.2016

  • add is_loop and loop_file properties for devices

  • fix recursive mounting of crypto devices (udiskie-mount)

  • prevent empty submenus from showing


Date: 09.02.2016

  • fix problem with setupscript if utf8 is not the default encoding

  • fix crash when starting without X

  • basic support for loop devices (must be enabled explicitly at this time)

  • fix handling of 2 more error cases


Date: 04.01.2016

  • fix typo that prevents the yaml config file from being used

  • fix problem with glib/gio gir API on slackware (olders versions?)

  • fix bug when changing device state (e.g. when formatting existing device or burning ISO file to device)

  • improve handling of race conditions with udisks1 backend

  • fix notifications for devices without labels


Date: 28.12.2015

  • cleanup recent bugfixes

  • close some gates for more py2/unicode related bugs


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix another bug with unicode data on command line (py2)

  • slightly improve stack traces in async code

  • further decrease verbosity while removing devices


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix too narrow dependency enforcement

  • make udiskie slightly less verbose in default mode


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix bug with unicode data on python2

  • fix bug due to event ordering in udisks1

  • fix bug due to inavailability of device data at specific time


Date: 22.12.2015

  • fix regression in get_password_tty


Date: 19.12.2015

  • fix problem in SmartTray due to recent transition to async


Date: 19.12.2015

  • go async (with self-made async module for now, until gbulb becomes ready)

  • specify GTK/Notify versions to be imported (hence fix warnings and a problem for the tray icon resulting from accidentally importing GTK2)

  • add optional password caching


  • revert “respect the automount flag for devices”

  • make dependency on Gtk optional


  • use icon hints from udev settings in notifications

  • respect the automount flag for devices

  • don’t fail if libnotify is not available


  • add actions to “Device added” notification

  • allow to configure which actions should be added to notifications


  • fix unicode issue in setup script

  • update license/copyright notices


  • use UDisks2 by default

  • add –password-prompt command line argument and config file entry


  • fix password prompt for GTK2 (tray is still broken for GTK2)

  • fix minor documentation issues


  • add key device_id for matching devices rather than only file systems

  • improve documentation regarding dependencies


  • fix careless error in man page


  • implemented internationalization

  • added spanish translation

  • allow to choose icons from a configurable list


  • compatibility with older version of pygobject (e.g. in Slackware 14.1)


  • handle exception if no notification service is installed


  • fix crash when calling udiskie mount/unmount utilites without udisks1 installed


  • fix crash when calling udiskie without having udisks1 installed (regression)


  • port to PyGObject, removing dependencies on pygtk, zenity, dbus-python, python-notify

  • use a PyGObject based password dialog

  • remove –password-prompt parameter

  • rename command line parameters

  • add negations for all command line parameters


  • remove the ‘–filters’ parameter for good

  • change config format to YAML

  • change default config path to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/udiskie/config.yml

  • separate ignore filters from mount option filters

  • allow to match multiple attributes against a device (AND-wise)

  • allow to overwrite udiskies default handleability settings

  • raise exception if –config file doesn’t exist

  • add –options parameter for udiskie-mount

  • simplify local installations


There are some backward incompatible changes, hence the version break:

  • command line parameter ‘-f’/’–filters’ renamed to ‘-C’/’–config’

  • add sections in config file to disable individual mount notifications and set defaults for some program options (udisks version, prompt, etc)

  • refactor udiskie.cli, udiskie.config and udiskie.tray

  • revert ‘make udiskie a namespace package’

  • add ‘Browse folder’ action to tray menu

  • add ‘Browse folder’ action button to mount notifications

  • add ‘–no-automounter’ command line option to disable automounting

  • add ‘–auto-tray’ command line option to use a tray icon that automatically disappears when no actions are available

  • show notifications when devices dis-/appear (can be disabled via config file)

  • show ‘id_label’ in tray menu, if available (instead of mount path or device path)

  • add ‘Job failed’ notifications

  • add ‘Retry’ button to failed notifications

  • remove automatic retries to unlock LUKS partitions

  • pass only device name to external password prompt

  • add ‘–quiet’ command line option

  • ignore devices ignored by udev rules


  • fix logging in

  • more verbose log messages (with time) when having -v on

  • fix mounting devices that are added as ‘external’ and later changed to ‘internal’ [udisks1] (applies to LUKS devices that are opened by an udev rule for example)

0.6.3 (bug fix)

  • fix exception in Mounter.detach_device if unable to detach

  • fix force-detach for UDisks2 backend

  • automatically use UDisks2 if UDisks1 is not available

  • mount unlocked devices only once, removes error message on UDisks2

  • mention __ignore__ in man page

0.6.2 (aesthetic)

  • add custom icons for the context menu of the system tray widget

0.6.1 (bug fix)

  • fix udisks2 external device detection bug: all devices were considered external when using Sniffer (as done in the udiskie-mount and udiskie-umount tools)

0.6.0 (udisks2 support, bug fix)

  • cache device states to avoid some race conditions

  • show filesystem label in mount/unmount notifications

  • retry to unlock LUKS devices when wrong password was entered twice

  • show ‘eject’ only if media is available (udisks1 ejects only in this case)

  • (un-) mount/lock notifications shown even when operations failed

  • refactor internal API

  • experimental support for udisks2

0.5.3 (feature, bug fix)

  • add ‘__ignore__’ config file option to prevent handling specific devices

  • delay notifications until termination of long operations

0.5.2 (tray icon)

  • add tray icon (pygtk based)

  • eject / detach drives from command line

0.5.1 (mainly internal changes)

  • use setuptools entry points to create the executables

  • make udiskie a namespace package

0.5.0 (LUKS support)

  • support for LUKS devices (using zenity for password prompt)

  • major refactoring

  • use setuptools as installer

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