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Convert received raw data from crypto exchange API endpoints into well-formed python dictionaries.

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Convert received raw data from crypto exchange API endpoints into well-formed python dictionaries.

Part of 'UNICORN Binance Suite'.

import unicorn_fy

received_stream_data_json = {"stream": "btcusdt@trade",
                             "data": {"e": "trade",
                                      "E": 1556876873656,
                                      "s": "BTCUSDT",
                                      "t": 117727701,
                                      "p": "5786.76000000",
                                      "q": "0.03200500",
                                      "b": 341831847,
                                      "a": 341831876,
                                      "T": 1556876873648,
                                      "m": True,
                                      "M": True}}

unicornfy = unicorn_fy.UnicornFy()

unicorn_fied_stream_data = unicornfy.binance_com_websocket(received_stream_data_json)


{'stream_type': 'btcusdt@trade', 'event_type': 'trade', 'event_time': 1556876873656, 'symbol': 'BTCUSDT',
 'trade_id': 117727701, 'price': '5786.76000000', 'quantity': '0.03200500', 'buyer_order_id': 341831847,
 'seller_order_id': 341831876, 'trade_time': 1556876873648, 'is_market_maker': True, 'ignore': True,
 'unicorn_fied': ['binance', '0.11.1']}

This lib is integrated into UNICORN Binance WebSocket API and can be activated by setting parameter output_default of BinanceWebSocketApiManager() to UnicornFy or for specific streams with the parameter output of create_stream() to UnicornFy.

Get the right logger:


Supported Exchanges


Exchange Docs Status
Binance (API) binance_com_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Testnet (API) binance_com_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Margin (API) binance_com_margin_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Margin Testnet (API) binance_com_margin_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Isolated Margin (API) binance_com_isolated_margin_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Isolated Margin Testnet (API) binance_com_isolated_margin_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Futures (API) binance_com_futures_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Futures Testnet (API) binance_com_futures_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance Coin Futures (API) binance_com_coin_futures_websocket(stream_data_json) NEEDS_YOUR_HELP
Binance Coin Futures Testnet (API) binance_com_coin_futures_websocket(stream_data_json) NEEDS_YOUR_HELP
Binance Jersey (API) binance_je_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance US (API) binance_us_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance TR (API) trbinance_com_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance JEX (API) jex_com_websocket(stream_data_json) STABLE
Binance DEX (API) binance_org_websocket(stream_data_json) NEEDS_YOUR_HELP
Binance DEX Testnet (API) binance_org_websocket(stream_data_json) NEEDS_YOUR_HELP


  • none

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Installation and Upgrade

The module requires Python 3.6.0 or above.

The current dependencies are listed here.

If you run into errors during the installation take a look here.

A wheel and a source file of the latest release with pip from PyPI

pip install unicorn-fy --upgrade

A conda package of the latest release with conda from Anaconda via CONDA-FORGE.

conda install -c conda-forge unicorn-fy

conda update -c conda-forge unicorn-fy

From source of the latest release with PIP from Github

Linux, macOS, ...

Run in bash:

pip install$(curl -s | grep -oP '"tag_name": "\K(.*)(?=")').tar.gz --upgrade


Use the below command with the version (such as 0.7.0) you determined here:

pip install --upgrade

From the latest source (dev-stage) with PIP from Github

This is not a release version and can not be considered to be stable!

pip install --upgrade

Conda environment, Virtualenv or plain Python

Download the latest release or the current master branch and use:

  • ./environment.yml
  • ./requirements.txt
  • ./

Change Log



Project Homepage



Receive Notifications

To receive notifications on available updates you can watch the repository on GitHub, write your own script with using is_update_available() or you use the monitoring API service.

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How to report Bugs or suggest Improvements?

List of planned features - click thumbs-up if you need one of them or suggest a new feature!

Before you report a bug, try the latest release. If the issue still exists, provide the error trace, OS and python version and explain how to reproduce the error. A demo script is appreciated.

If you dont find an issue related to your topic, please open a new issue:

Report a security bug!


UnicornFy is an open source project which welcomes contributions which can be anything from simple documentation fixes and reporting dead links to new features. To contribute follow this guide.



We love open source!

Commercial Support


Do you need a developer, operator or consultant?

Contact me for a non-binding initial consultation via my company LUCIT from Vienna (Austria) or via Telegram.

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