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Package to update the end-users copy of your file to the latest version

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Update_Check is a Python module to implement in distributed programs. The functions as of now are checking for updates and updating a users Python file. It works by comparing the users Python file to the newest raw version of the file that's stored on a website like GitHub.


Checking if File is Up to Date

One feature of this module is checking if the users file is up to date with the latest version.


pathToProgram(str): path to local file to be compared

programURL(str): URL to raw file on github (

isUpToDate(pathToProgram, programURL)

Heres an example of the isUpToDate() function:

from update_check import isUpToDate

if isUpToDate(__file__, "") == False:

This function will return True if the program is up to date with the web version and will return False if it's not. Note: __file__ can be replaced with a path to a separate file.


Updating a File

To update a file using this module, you will need to use the update() function.


update(pathToProgram, programURL)

Here's an example of the update() function:

from update_check import update

update(__file__, "")

That block of code would grab the file from the URL and update the local file to that file. Note: __file__ can be replaced with a path to a separate file.


Updating a File if it's not up to date

If you want a combination of the previous 2 functions, where it will check if a file isn't up to date, and if so, then it will update the file, then you want to use the checkForUpdates() function.


checkForUpdates(pathToProgram, URL)

Here's an example of the checkForUpdates() function:

from update_check import checkForUpdates

checkForUpdates(__file__, "")

The above block of code will test if the file specified, is not up to date, and if it isn't, it will update the file from the URL and return True. If it is up to date, then it will return False and do nothing. Note: __file__ can be replaced with a path to a separate file.

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