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A sensor logger framework for the uracoli rsensor firmware

Project description

uracoli-rsensor - A Framework for Logging Sensor Values


The uracoli-rsensor package provides a logging of data from a MQTT broker into a database (sqlite or MySQL).


The package can installed directly from the sources.

pip install git+


To quickly log sensor data from a MQTT broker in a SQLite database write a minimal config file minial.cfg:

  dbtype: sqlite
  dbname:  /tmp/rsensor-database.sqlitedb
-  host:
   port: 1883
   prefix: rsensor-test

Note: The "dash" before the "host:" keyword means there can be a list of MQTT brokers.

Run the test data generator in the background or in a seperate shell:

rs_testgen -H

See your data arrive at the broker (optional step):

mosquitto_sub -h -t "rsensor-test/#" -v

Run the data logger script:

mqtt_to_db -C minimal.cfg 

To see whats in the database, run:

sqlite3 /tmp/rsensor.sqlitedb "select * from timeseries"

... or human readable:

sqlite3 /tmp/rsensor.sqlitedb  "SELECT strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', datetime(t.ts, 'unixepoch')) as string,, t.value FROM timeseries AS t JOIN sensors AS s ON s.sensor_idx = t.sensor_idx" 



The contents of uracoli-rsensor is licensed with a Modified BSD License, see file LICENSE for further details.

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