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Embed the V8 Javascript engine into Python.

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Embed the V8 Javascript engine into Python.

> *Note: The initial purpose of this library is to render React components server side.*

## Compatibility

* GCC +4.8
* G++ +4.8
* Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and PyPy 5.3

> *Note:* ***Linux-x64*** *is the only (officially) supported platform.
To build the binaries for other platforms, the `./dev` steps
must be adapted (probably to vagrant instead of docker) accordingly.
PRs are welcome.*

## Usage

from v8cffi import shortcuts

ctx = shortcuts.get_context()
ctx.run_script('foo.render("hola mundo");')
# "hola mundo"

Read the [docs](

## Notes

* Currently ships with V8 4.9.385.33 (stable).
* This repo contains V8 static files for Linux-x64,
built with CentOS 6.7 (glibc 2.12),
it's known to work in Ubuntu 12.04/14.04/16.04.

## Resources

* [How does NodeJS works?](
* [Beautiful Native Libraries](
or [alt](
* [V8 Custom Snapshots](
* [V8 Cache Code](
* [Latest stable V8](
* [V8 Wiki](
* [V8 Embedder's Guide](
* [V8 users group](!forum/v8-users)
* [CFFI user group](!forum/python-cffi)
* [CFFI - Distribute including a (pre-)compiled library](!topic/python-cffi/y5iNsezOlVs)

## Devs


## Benchmarks

This will run some silly benchmarks.
It runs about ~110k ops/s on a 1.8GHz CPU.

$ make benchmarks

## License


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