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Queries for VAG public transportation time schedules

Project description

===== vagquery

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A python library for generating and executing queries for the VAG public transport system

This enables users with disabilities, hackers and you to receive information from the start.vag website.

General usage

Two classes are usually used:

    import vagquery
    # Query for stations beginning with 'Schwe'
    stations = vagquery.StationQuery("Schwe").query()
    for station in stations:

    # Query for next departures of the main railway station (id: 510)
    departures = vagquery.DepartureQuery(510).query()
    for departure in departures:

Specialized usage

For repeated queries, the query object can be created and run again and again:

    dquery = vagquery.DepartureQuery(510)
    departures = dquery.query()
    # ...
    # much later
    # ...
    departures = dquery.query()

For a custom formating of the departures, the properties of a departure object can be used:

    departures = vagquery.DepartureQuery(510).query()
    for departure in departures:
        print(departure.product + " " + str(departure.latitude) + str(departure.longitude))


vagquery is licensed under the MIT license.

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