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ValueObject is a dict-like object that exposes keys as attributes.

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License: ISC - See LICENSE file

ValueObject is a dict-like object that exposes keys as attributes. You can use it like a regular dictionary (in fact, it is a subclass and does not override its __init__). You can use attribute or item access to get or set values.

>>> from valueobject import ValueObject
>>> vo = ValueObject(key=1)
>>> vo['key']
>>> vo.key
>>> vo['key'] += 1
>>> vo.key += 1
>>> vo['key']
>>> vo.key

Usability notes:

  • If you need to access a key that is not a valid Python identifier (for example, it includes spaces), use regular dict access.
  • All regular object, dict and ValueObject methods will be returned on attribute access. A key such as copy needs to be accessed via item access syntax (e.g. valueobject['copy']).


  • 1.0.3: Minor build fixes, to make the file python3 safe. While the rest of the library was python3 safe all along, that file was not… 😬

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