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veryfi is a Python module for communicating with the Veryfi OCR API


Install from PyPi using pip, a package manager for Python.

Install the package from PyPI:

pip install -U veryfi

You may need to run the above commands with sudo.

Getting Started

Obtaining Client ID and user keys

If you don't have an account with Veryfi, please go ahead and register here:

Python API Client Library

The veryfi library can be used to communicate with Veryfi API. All available functionality is described here

Below is the sample script using veryfi to OCR and extract data from a document:

from veryfi import Client

client_id = 'your_client_id'
client_secret = 'your_client_secret'
username = 'your_username'
api_key = 'your_password'

categories = ['Grocery', 'Utilities', 'Travel']
file_path = '/tmp/invoice.jpg'

# This submits document for processing (takes 3-5 seconds to get response)
veryfi_client = Client(client_id, client_secret, username, api_key)
response = veryfi_client.process_document(file_path, categories=categories)

# or with url
response = veryfi_client.process_document_url(url, external_id=some_id)
>>> {"abn_number": "",
  "account_number": "",
  "bill_to_address": "130 INTERSTATE BLVD, SUIT 21\nNASHEVILLE, NC 28806",
  "bill_to_name": "FAST ROOFING COMPANY, LLC",
  "card_number": "",
  "category": "Hardware Supplies",
  "currency_code": "USD",
  "date": "2019-08-01 00:00:00",
  "due_date": "2019-09-01",
  "discount": 0,
  "external_id": "",
  "id": 28933541012,
  "img_thumbnail_url": "",
  "img_url": "",
  "invoice_number": "1234568",
  "line_items": [
      "date": "",
      "description": "SFTY TAGS LCKED OUT 250BX 426NS",
      "discount": 0,
      "order": 1,
      "price": 200.0,
      "quantity": 1,
      "reference": "",
      "sku": "PTW-901444",
      "tax": 0,
      "tax_rate": 0,
      "total": 200.00,
      "type": "purchase",
      "unit_of_measure": "pc"
      "date": "",
      "description": "WEDGE ANCHOR. PLATED",
      "discount": 0,
      "order": 2,
      "price": 3.75,
      "quantity": 100,
      "reference": "",
      "sku": "WA-12-414",
      "tax": 0,
      "tax_rate": 0,
      "total": 375.00,
      "unit_of_measure": "pc"
      "date": "",
      "description": "SYP #2 KD-HT UNTREATED",
      "discount": 0,
      "order": 9,
      "price": 11.49,
      "quantity": 1,
      "reference": "",
      "sku": "WE-27517",
      "tax": 0,
      "tax_rate": 0,
      "total": 11.49,
      "unit_of_measure": "pc"
  "ocr_text": "\nACE\nThe helpful place.\nAce Hardware\t\t\t\t\t\tINVOICE\n5726.....",
  "payment_display_name": "",
  "payment_terms": "",
  "payment_type": "",
  "purchase_order_number": "",
  "reference_number": "VBAJD-32541",
  "shipping": 0,
  "subtotal": 586.49,
  "tax": 41.05,
  "tax_lines": [{
    "name": "state tax",
    "rate": 7.0,
    "total": 41.05
  "tip": 0,
  "total": 627.54,
  "vat_number": "",
  "vendor": {
    "address": "5726 Memorial Blvd, Saint George, SC 29477",
    "name": "Hutto Ace Hardware",
    "raw_name": "Ace Hardware",
    "phone_number": "(843) 563-4012",
    "vendor_logo": "",
    "vendor_type": "hardware stores"
  "vendor_vat_number":  "",
  "vendor_iban":  "",
  "vendor_bank_number":  "", 
  "vendor_bank_name": ""

Update a document

new_vendor = {"name": "Starbucks", "address": "123 Easy Str, San Francisco, CA 94158"}
category = "Meals & Entertainment"
new_total = 11.23
veryfi_client.update_document(id=12345, vendor=new_vendor, category=new_category, total=new_total)

Need help?

If you run into any issue or need help installing or using the library, please contact

If you found a bug in this library or would like new features added, then open an issue or pull requests against this repo!

To learn more about Veryfi visit

Tutorial Video

Watch 'Code with Dmitry' Video

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