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A simple kickstart based virtual image bootstrapping tool

Project description

Virtual Image Bootstrapping Tool.

Designed to build an image from nothing (IE via netboot/kickstart), strip it down and re-package it for different targets.

Created due to the huge amount of manual work involved in re-packaging images for new versions of things.

Expected setup


  • Hardware virtualization support

  • 64bit host (if you want to build 64bit images)

  • Standard qemu setup (default NAT’d network)

Packages installed:

  • python-libvirt

  • qemu

  • qemu-system

  • qemu-kvm

  • libvirt-bin

  • bridge-utils

  • libguestfs-tools

Validate the install:

damian@Capricorn:~$ virsh -c qemu:///system net-list Name State Autostart —————————————– default active yes


  • virt-install the machine

  • serve up a ks file based off the template

  • run the scripts

  • shutdown the machine

  • virt-prep the machine

  • undefine it

  • save the image

  • run qemu-img convert against the image for all desired formats


>> cat ubuntu-base.conf distro: ubuntu release: saucy target: server arch: x86_64 source:

packages: - ubuntu-minimal - openssh-server - salt-minion - puppet

post-scripts: - ../scripts/

images: - vmdk - vdi - qcow2 - raw

>> cat ubuntu-13.10-i386.conf include(‘ubuntu-base.conf’) release: saucy target: server arch: i386

>> ls ./ubuntu/ - - ubuntu-base.conf - ubuntu-13.10-i386.conf - ubuntu-12.10-i386.conf

>> vibootstrap –host=qemu:///system –settings=ubuntu/ubuntu-13.10-i386.conf Setting up qemu box Installing - Progress via callbacks - Post scripts Shutdown Virt prep Undefine Converting images qemu-img convert -O vmdk ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw ubuntu-13.10-i386.vmdk qemu-img convert -O vdi ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw ubuntu-13.10-i386.vdi qemu-img convert -O qcow2 ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw ubuntu-13.10-i386.qcow2 qemu-img convert -O raw ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw Artifacts: - ubuntu-13.10-i386.raw - ubuntu-13.10-i386.vmdk - ubuntu-13.10-i386.vdi - ubuntu-13.10-i386.qcow2

Project details

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