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Command line tools for quick video editing.

Project description


Command line tools for quick video editing.

Video-cli is made aiming at editing video with a one-line command on a terminal. More detailed video editing can be done with other Python tools (e.g., MoviePy) and GUI video editors (e.g., iMovie), which is not the goal of this tool.


pip install video-cli


video-retime: Video Retiming (Speed Up/Down)

video-retime data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --retime 2
video-retime data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --retime 2 --inplace

video-togif: Create a GIF

video-togif data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --fps 2 --duration 5
video-togif data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --fps 2 --duration 5 --resize 0.5

video-trim: Video Triming

video-trim data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --start 3 --duration 5

video-tile: Video Tiling

video-tile data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --shape 1x2 -o tile.mp4

video-toimg: Convert a Video to Images

video-toimg data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --per 10 --start 3 --duration 10

video-tovideo: Convert to Video

video-tovideo data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4

video-resize: Video Resizing

video-resize data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4 --scale 0.5

video-fromimg: Create a Video from Images

video-toimg data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4
video-fromimg --input-files "data/2018-11-02_14-44-14/*.jpg" --fps 30 out.mp4

video-crop: Crop a region of a Video

video-crop data/2018-11-02_14-44-14.mp4

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